Why do I have Sky+?

Anyone give me a reason why I should keep Sky at all? I have movies and + at the mo and there's nothing on at all. THe only thing I am looking forward to this week is Question time and the Grand Prix, all on freeview.

Why am I paying them £34 a month? Answers please because I've almost decided to ditch it and simplify my life.


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Would you pay £34 a month for a parking space if you took the bus to work?

Well SKY is just the same, if you are not watching the programming then cancel the subscription, keep the hardware and at some future point you might decide to re-subscribe for a month or so. I found that a month over xmas was all that was needed to watch/record every movie SKY had shown that year I hadn't already seen:)

Ok so that answer wasn't a reason to keep SKY but it's foolish to pay for something you are not using:)
Problem is I love Sky+ and the way that Sky digital works in general. Freeview is almost possible but I live in a dip and it' means an expensive aerial installation as I don't have one at the mo.

I wouldn't mind going back to the £19 family pack as Sky Movies is a waste of money but then I would miss Sky+. All I really watch is BBC channels and the odd bit of UK gold and Paramount. Also the Discovery type channels and A1.

I'm guessing that pretty soon Sky will have to drop the extra cost of Sky+ as people will start to expect that kind of functionality as a minimum.

The thought of a Humax PVR on freeveiw is sort of appealing as it would be free but my last experience with Ondigital was naff and I'm concerned I would be returning to a half-arsed system again.

It's £34 a month is an awful lot of money to watch repeats.


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I expect that sooner rather than later they will drop the SKY+ subscription, it's all a matter of when the marketing department can make their case to the bean counters.
While i fully understand why you don't want to spend £10 a month just to be able to record channels that you subscribe too I did it for over two years before they upgrading to meet the "free" SKY+ sub requirments and I would do it again since I could not go back to a VCR:)

So your options, reduce your package to the minimum required for "free" SKY+, £29 a month. Go to the family package and pay a tenner a month for SKY+, £29.50 or just have the family package and make use of the VCR and everything thing that means even though that was incredible when we bought the first one:)
Finally as you say spend the money to upgrade the terrestrial digital source and hope for the best.
I will be getting a Freeview HD STB in the near future, it will have to be a twin tuner model of course since and while the platform is secure the lack of a central controlling party is a weakness. The appearence of TUTV shows what a mess can be created by leaving a platform left open to a half baked idea:)


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We all (well some) pay a licence fee & personaly watch few BBC programs. Sky's expensive, but at least I have a choice (even if its old BBC repeats that I choose to watch sometimes). If you don't use it, sack it. I'd struggle to fill the day with only terrestrial TV now !!!!!!!
The additional expense (buying hardware) freeview offers - more choice than terrestrial, but nothing much I want to watch, isn't worth it. Sky's expensive but the best there is IMO (there's no cable here & I think its similar). So what do you do? At least with + I can watch things I'd rather see & less stuff I don't, even if I begrudge paying for it. I'd be interested to see how many people would pay the licence fee to view BBC channels if it worked on a pay to view system. Basicaly I feel you're gripeing about the cost - to - watchable program ratio (in your opinion). I try to think of the convenience, quality of recordings, & ease of use of +, that makes me feel better. There's a lot of tripe on all channels, + makes being discerning possible. As was said though if your not watching, cancel.
I'm not griping really. I just feel that the ideal package isn't available to me, but you can't please everyone. I was quite happy with the family pack. I upgraded to movies to get + for free and + is brilliant, can't argue with that.

I guess my point is that there are PVR's coming on to the market that can work with sky or freeveiw but nothing has the sheer ease of use as Sky+.

What I really want I think, is the family pack with + in for free. I bought the plus box and I'm sure it costs Sky little more if I use it once a year or every day. All we are paying for is the R+D and equipment costs, much like with mobile phones. I guess in time, PVR functionality will be standard and there will be no premium at all. I guess I'll stick until then although I may lose movies and just pay the Sky+ premium.

Not knocking SKy at all, they have provided a seamless and fantastic TV service. I just want it for nothing:D

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