Why do humans behave like dogs?


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Or worse…..

I am constantly amazed and saddened by all the violence that we as a species inflict upon each other.
I know its been happening since the dawn of time, but why haven’t we grown up?

I have always been appalled when hearing on the news about murders, rape, and other atrocities but since becoming a dad, I seem to have become more sensitive to these things.
When I hear of a child in particular being hurt, killed, or abused by some sick in the head paedophile, I get upset, and then angry at the fact that the person responsible for the crime will get such a lenient sentence. (but that’s another topic)

I am not saying that I am a peaceful person – far from it- there are countless times throughout a typical day when I get angry at other people (especially when driving), but what I cannot understand is how one human being can knowingly and willingly inflict harm upon another human being.

I suppose, again, it boils down to the fact that I have a small child who I love dearly, and so when I hear yet again of another example of ‘mans inhumanity to man’, I immediately think of protecting my son, and that I will do everything in my power to stop him from being hurt at the hands of another human being.

Sorry, I thought about doing this thread after seeing the “Do dogs think they’re human” thread. If they could truly see humans for what they are, I don’t think they would want to be like us at all. I know sometimes I feel that way.


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The problem is greed.

Too many want more than their share of everything. It's OK to get paid thousands a week if you kick a football, but not OK to get a living wage if you do a more important job (any job is more important than that). It's OK to keep wanting, no matter what your life is like.

How many millionaires think, I've got enough now........I can enjoy what I have? Absolutely none.

Top actors demand millions per film when they cannot spend what they already have.

I have news for those who are money/image obsessed. YOU WILL NEVER BE TRULY HAPPY. There will always be someone with more, so you will always want more.

Today we are assessed on how big our bank balance is, how many cars we've got, how many holidays we take etc. We are obsessed by "celebrity"- why?

We should be assessed on how we act as humans.

I'm another who doesn't like the way society is today. I feel completely let down by the world we have created for ourselves to the extent I almost feel like an outsider. I don't understand the way some people's mind operates. Greed is NOT good, greed is NOT right, greed most definitely does NOT work.

It's an old saying but very true: If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at who he gave it to.


dodgydaz "Why do humans behave like dogs? "

Sir I think you find that is offensive to dogs.

For a post earlier today.

Garrett said:
Ah but do dogs kill others just because of the colour or religion, or pollute/populate the planet to to the brink of its limits. I think not they have a long way to descend before they can start thinking there our equal.


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They should NEVER get out. There is nodoubt they did it, and you don't assault someone like that without knowing they could die.
They should face the death penalty. This world is better without them in it.
Harsh? Yep.


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lostinspace said:
They should NEVER get out. There is nodoubt they did it, and you don't assault someone like that without knowing they could die.
They should face the death penalty. This world is better without them in it.
Harsh? Yep.

TOTALLY AGREE! (excuse the caps, im very angry after reading that)


Kebabhead said:
Here's an recent example of animal human behaviour. Not pleasant reading

There was one the other day where a man was driving his car down the road and one of a gang kicked the side of the car. The bloke got out to look at what they done and the attacked him and when he was on the ground gave him a kicking, one with steel toecaps. His damage was so bad they had to remove part of his brain.
Just cannot remember his condition is now but I think at best crippeld.


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