Why did you join the AV Forums?

sore napper

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So, why did you join the AV Forums?

I first joined the forums so that I could buy, sell and trade DVD's.

Now I stick around as I always find something that interest me.


I should also say that I joined the forums long before Sept 2006. One day I changed my e mail address on the forums and typed in the wrong one, so I was unable to reactive my old account.:blush: I once was mad max 3, but can't find no trace of me now on the forums. I remember loosing a 70-80 trader rating, I was so very not pleased.:rolleyes:


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Something about MP3 players

I don't venture in that section anymore :D Found other places to spam that are more interesting


So, why did you join the AV Forums?

I first joined the forums so that I could buy, sell and trade DVD's.

Now I stick around as I always find something that interest me.

did you copy and paste that from your last post ?:D

i was looking for a new TV :cool:


I was told I could meet lots of women on here...........................


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To see if that Bose system in Selfridges was really worth so much money. I ended up with Denon and Monitor Audio for nearly twice as much :rolleyes:

I stick around now because i've learned a lot, and its nice to be able to help others who were like me 12 months ago, and also because none of my friends 'on the outside' are into AV so much :( (but i'm working on one of them, much to the annoyance of his missus ;))


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I have been lurking in the shadows for around 6 months or so ,i found this site very interesting ( Boys with Toys i guess), I recently joined because i was buying a Plasma , Home Cinema ect and needed answers to my questions ,and where better to ask.


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i came for advice on getting and LCD, now i just hang round the general, motoring and every now and then the mac and 360 threads.

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Because it seemed like a friendly place where anyone could come to seek advice on virtually any subject in the world, but, more importantly get sensible and useful advice.

Without doubt there are some very knowledgeable people on here who don't mind sharing their knowledge with the rest of us. That can be invaluable.


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cant be sure i remember now...lol.....i know i joined and posted around 35 times i think, then was silent for a good while, then when i got a PJ 2 years ago i starting posting with a vengeance.....heh


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because it's free ;)


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I joined to say thanks to the people in the DVP5900 thread in DVD Players sub section for the help etc. Then I kinda stuck around, and here I am now, 5000 odd posts later. :D


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I joined to see how bad the English grammar and spelling was.

Only joking (a little at least), I joined aye te learn me mor bout me telly yeah


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I thought i would meet people who like me enjoy their multi media. I also noticed people were selling equipment and knew what they were talking about.
As they were passionate about their equpment and know what they were taking about.
I knew i was onto a winner if i needed anything, needless to say i enjoy my shopping here.

I also noticed a car audio section, I enjoy my in car gear and know i can help people in that dept, who like me enjoy their quality car audio.



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I joined for some help with setting up my new system. The amount of helpful advice that I received completely overwhelmed me (see thread and replies here) :rolleyes:; and - hey - I decided to stay.

I didn't even know that there was a GC sub-forum until I'd made about 1500 posts.

la gran siete

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The answer is obvious . ITS A GREAT PLACE FOR AV( and other things) ADVICE pure and simple.Plus you can have a bit of a laugh in the bargain


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As an avid bargain hunter / DVD collector I was a regular lurker at the DVD Bargains Forum (as it was originally called), and then joined to post stuff I'd been alerted to.

Definitely the best DVD bargains forum for UK residents ... as others don't allow mention of certain cashback schemes (was banned for a week from another forum by its cry baby admin for posting advice on their bargains forum that would have saved members about £20 on the James Bond attaché case DVD boxset)

Greg Hook

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Can't remember that far back. :D


I think I saw a recommendation on another site that led me here.


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i started to research projectors back at the end of 2004 as i want one after borrowing one from work.

Google brought me to this place and had to say for all the forums i use the PJ section certainly had some great helpful peeps on there. I have to to single our Urban T for being very helpful though it helped at the that he had just bought the same PJ i was researching :)

Also was in awe at his home cinema setup ;)

I went very quiet for a while though visit the forums most days til about 12 months ago and started to frequent and post in the console section and the general areas.

Aint looked back.

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