Why did you buy a PS3?


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400 pounds is a lot of money for anyone so please can you explain why you relinquished 400 of your heard-earned for what is essentially unproven technology.

Anyway here are my reasons:

the best way to understand a console is to understand why people buy them in the first place. these are a few reasons why i buy a ps3:

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...tation_3_games
(i don't need a game to come out every week since i just want to know that good enough games are coming)

2. http://www.n4g.com/tech/News-35187.aspx

3. http://www.rtoonline.com/Content/Art...ners032307.asp

4. I like motion sensing controls (with upcoming dualshock).

5. I like the free access to PSN

6. I like the fact I can run Linux. Infact I have YDL, Opera, Bitcomet and VLC. Infact I think I can actually fit a Digital TV adapter to the USB slot and turn the machine into a PVR i.e TIVO like capabilities.

7. I like the way it supports 7 bluetooth devices

8. I like blu-ray with java support (the latest blu-ray standard)

9. I like the way I have just changed the 60gb hd to 160gb and it cost me 100 bucks. And it took me only 10 minutes to do using a good set of screwdrivers.

10. I like the way I can fit a USB hard drive of 320 gig.

11. I like the fact that it's got card readers (SD, mini/micro SD, compactflash, memory stick) for my photos

12. I like the four USB slots

13. I like the HDMI 1.3 slot (the latest technology for HDMI i.e check 1.3 hdmi on wiki).

14. almost all of ps1/ps2 games work on a ps3.

15. I like the fact that it is quiet and all-in-one i.e. no add-ons/noisy fan/extra transformer for my living room.

16. I like the way it connects to my psp with potential for greater syncing.

17. I like the way it supports many off the shelf usb/bluetooth products (keyboard, mouse, headser etc) without having to rely to official products.

18. I like the way it supports mp3 radio streaming sto support some internet radio channels

19. I like the way it supports myspace and facebook

20. I like the way the games release thus far are multi-region

21. I like Blu-ray games of 50GB capacity.

22. I like the way I can surf the net in full 50inch HD glory in the comfort of the living room.

i haven't mentioned "home" because it is still an unknown

the reasons i stated above as to why I purchased a PS3 might not be your reason but does this really matter - since it is MY money i am risking when i buy a ps3. for me the 200 dollar difference in price to the competition is inconsequential. and if i make the wrong decision then i have only got myself to blame. I will be the fool not you if I am wrong. i have done enough research and i know that the ps3 is good enough for my digital entertainment needs. so you see, i buy a ps3 because it fits my needs and not someone else's preferences, desires or prejudices.


I'm still asking myself that question

I'm impressed with the build quality, but at the moment it offers very little (for me) game wise.

Motorstorm is great, but I found it a short lived experience

Of course things will change, but I can't help feeling I got carried away and made the purchase too soon as the price will inevitably drop and the value for money within bundles will increase


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I'm still asking myself that question

I'm impressed with the build quality, but at the moment it offers very little (for me) game wise.

Motorstorm is great, but I found it a short lived experience

Of course things will change, but I can't help feeling I got carried away and made the purchase too soon as the price will inevitably drop and the value for money within bundles will increase

the ps3 will probably drop in price by 50/75 pounds by October. This mean that the rrp will be about 375/350. Hence you will be able to probably pick the ps3 for 350/325 pounds. I paid 386 pounds for the ps3 from currys. It seems a lot of money but, I suppose, I just seen the plasma I wanted to buy drop 300 pounds in three weeks - and it wasn't an expensive plasma. Anyway, my point is, prices will always drop but to compensate for this fact you have to do the maths i.e. IS having a console 6months earlier really worth 50/75 pounds? Personally I think it is but a lot of people will undoubtedly disagree with me.


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If it was not for FF12 working so well on the ps3,then it would be gatrhering dust at the moment if i am honest.But that is ok,the future is brighter,i went through the same on the 360 launch+first 6-7 months so i am well trained.:D


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1. the upcoming games (GT, MGS, FF13 and other exclusives)
2. Probably the best value for money online gaming, free PSN, cheap downloads and soon to come ps1 games.
3. Blu ray.
4. This was the first console i bought at launch simply becuase i could pick it up off the shelf, if it wasnt that easy to buy i would simply have waited (like i did with my 360).


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Bad mood + cash on hand + hoping to be surprised

= Doh! factor 7


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because I wanted one

seriously though, I wasn't going to until I played Motorstorm on my mates PS3. Then I wanted one. But I didn't fancy paying £425 for one. So I bought one for 300 quid.


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My 360 was acting up and microsoft wanted cash to fix it because it was 14 months old. So traded it in and 10 pound to.


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Well I have a tendency to buy all new consoles usually at launch. I have all three next gen consoles as well as the main portable machines. The main reason for having all and for buying the PS3 is so that I can buy any game I want and know I have a console to play it on. Now you might say the number of exclusives is dwindling all the time but there are always the first party games that will remain exclusive. I'm not bothered about the lack of good games as they will come and having all the consoles gives me a far wider choice anyway. The blu-ray capability is just a bonus.


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In the words of Billie Piper "Because I want to, because I want to"


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Yeah BHSean i feel your pain ! I kinda got caught up in all the hype.

The reasons i got the ps3:

1, 'Next gen' games. Seems a bit daft now as this is the ps3's sore point at the moment, theres better games for my ps2, but it doesn't feel right buying them. Its like having a nissan micra and a ferrari, but ou can only drive the ferrari to the end of the road and back, its good fun but its short lived and shallow, whereas you can drive the micra anywhere you like, its not fast and its not pretty but you can do alot. The numbersd 3 and 60 have crept into my head a few times, i feel dirty. :(

2. Blu ray. I have only one bluray and that's the free Casino royal, Its fantastic but i'm not a big dvd buyer as i only watch films once or twice, and the nearest blockbusters is miles away. Might sign upto an internet rental service, but it feels like i'm doing that to justify.

3. Media. lets face it there isn't actually that much you can do on the ps3

4. Online, its not great at the moment, voice chat, messenging etc is none existant.

5. Interent browser. Its okay, a little slow and constricted but is still quicker that booting my laptop up.

If this was it i'd be gutted, but i can garuntee that most of my whinges will be gone by the end of the year, with the amazing games arriving and the introduction of HOME, plus the numerous amounts of updates sony will be giving us.

At the end of the day the ps3 as it is now is only a smidge of what it will be this time next year when sony will regain the title as the best games console. :clap:


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3. Media. lets face it there isn't actually that much you can do on the ps3

Are you having a laugh? :eek:

Memory card reader,linux,bluetooth,high def trailers,SACD playback,dvd player,blue ray player,loads of cool photo slideshow options etc etc etc...


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My DVD player died..
so i needed a new dvd player but..

I also wanted to get some sort of High Defintion playback capability...

And i did at some point want to buy a media center ..

..and my Xbox was a bit dated...

The PS3 does all of this so i thought why not..

bish bash bosh £493 later i have a PS3+F1+RFOM+HDMI lead, a big smile and a wife asking me when she can spend as much on clothes!


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Based on my expectations..

I purchased because i have a big 1080p t.v and surround sound and wanted to maximise the use of both as well as play games on it for maybe an hour or two a day and watch blu ray films.

I didnt purchase the ps3 to be a 'media center', internet browser or some sort of linux server.

Based on my expectations i am very pleased with the purchase :)


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This is actually a good question...

I've always been a Sony fan, since I got a Launch day PS1 second hand after a few months... I got caught up in the wave of PS2 hype and got a bundle for my birthday/Xmas combined, which was again purchased on launch day... PSP, launch day again... Was in town, there was one on the shelf, I was working at the time and I'd just been paid...

I wanted a PS3 from the day I saw the MGS4 trailers a few months back. I've always been a massive fan of the series, and the sheer beauty of those trailers just made me think "I want one. Now."

I think it's a case of "I had the money, I'm a bit of a gadget nut, what the hell?"... Picked up an HDTV at the same time as my PS3... If I didn't have that, I wouldn't have got one. So I guess really the reason I got one was to demo the quality of the TV... Admittedly I'm still waiting for a BD to properly demo it, but the 1080p trailer of CR just makes my eyes bleed!

I know early adopters pay more, I know it's a lot of money, but the way I saw it was that I just came into some money, I wanted a PS3 and a decent TV, so I got one... It was worth the outlay though, it's a fantastic console, and it's only going to get better...

An impulse purchase, maybe... But what an impulse!


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Caught up in the hype. Looking back I would have waited till about now to buy, as would have saved about £100.


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1. Next Gen Gaming without loud fan noises.
2. Media Hub for all my Pics/Vids/Music that all family can easily access via TV.
3. BR Player
4. All-in-one concept for Games/Movies/Media/Web
5. Ability to put mp3's/mpeg2s/mp4's on without need to rip stuff again
6. Better base spec (HDMI/BR/built-in HDD)
7. Matches all my AV system (Mostly Sony black.sliver stuff)
8. Playstation life span & heritage (won't be dropped in 2 years. Hopefully!)

Don't regret my purchase and it certainly wasn't a hype/spur-of-the-moment purchase for me.

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