Why can't the Roku remote turn off my Denon AVR?


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I have a relatively simple setup and my goal is to use the Roku remote as my one and only remote. I don't watch content anywhere else.

  • Roku Ultra
  • Hisense H9G TV
  • Denon S650H AVR

The Roku is plugged into the Media Player HDMI port on the AVR and the Hisense in plugged into the Monitor Out HDMI port on the AVR.

All three devices have CEC enabled.

  • The Roku remote controls the volume and mute on the AVR - perfect!
  • The Roku remote power button turns ON the TV and the AVR - perfect!
  • The Roku remote power button turns OFF the TV but NOT the AVR - not good!

Interestingly the power button on the TV remote does turn ON and OFF both the TV and the AVR.

So the only change in behavior I am looking for is for the power button on the Roku remote to turn the AVR off as well, and it's weird to me that it doesn't since it does turn it on and the TV remote can do both.


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Answer: Because it's the remote for the Roku and not your AV receiver :lesson:

Don't rely upon HDMI CEC as an alternative to the proprietary remotes. It is rarely faultless and causes more issues than it resolves. HDMII CEC itself will not cover commands specific to a device and cannot fully control devices the remote you are using gasn't got specific keys for or commands included with the HDMI CEC remit.

If wanting a trully comprehensive control option then look at one of LOgitech's Harmony remotes. These are far more versatile than HDMI CEC and far less problematic.


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I battled with this for a bit and finally figured out an work around. I have the TV set for CEC. Rather than configuring the remote for the AVR, I instead configured it for the TV. I now am getting both on/off and volume driven to the AVR from the TV.

The second aspect was that the first TV Code for the Roku remote was not correct. The trick is to move through the remote codes for your TV until you find one that gives you on/off and power. Here is how I did it.

  1. Roku, go to Settings -> Remotes & Devices -> Remotes -> Select your remote
  2. Set up remote for Tv Control.
  3. Say Yes, to music playing?
  4. Here is the trick, since we know the default programming is not turning the tv off, respond “No” when has the music stopped.
  5. Now unmute the AVR via the AVR remote. This music will start playing again.
  6. You can now repeat to move through each of the TV codes to test if power off works.
  7. It most likely will not b/c you are on the Denon codes that the roku detected.
  8. Once you move through all of the TV codes, you will be told the Denon TV does not work with this remote with choice of OK or Try Again. Select “Try again”.
  9. You can now search for your actual TV Brand rather than the Denon.
  10. Now test the TV codes specific for you TV repeating steps 3/4 until you find a code that send power on/off and volume from the TV to the Denon via CEC.

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