Why can't I use this option?


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Finally managed to get some component cables to hook my ps2 up with my LG LCD. Picture still worse than on my CRT, but a little better than using composite or scart, the change wasn't as big as I'd hoped though :(

Anyway, since using the component, I now see this at the bottom of my screen when I press the 'ok' button.


I thought that once I had hooked up to component, this menu that is mostly greyed out would become accessible and I could change the resolution. But as you can see, ARC is the only one available, and in 4:3 or 16:9


Why is this menu greyed out?

Still really dissapointed with the screen quality on my ps2 :( Thought it would look better after the move to an LCD, but looks quite a bit worse and blurry with whatever cable I used.

I thought that greyed out menu would become accessible and I could improve my picture that way. Obviously not.

:lease: Thanks


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Sony never cease to amaze me.

The ps2 supports progressive scan when in dvd mode. Oh goody.

* please note, the progressive scan option is only available when using a NTSC formatted disk. DVD+R, DVD+RW etc is NOT SUPPORTED in this mode

So let me get this right. You implement PAL ps2's with progressive scan, and you advertise it in your manual. But you need NTSC dvd disks.

Sorry Sony but you have a region lock! So viewing dvd's in progressive is IMPOSSIBLE

We are also made to pay double than anywhere in JAPAN and AMERICA.

fudge you Sony.

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