Why can't I see CC on LG TV in streamed movies or DVD that I know have CC


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I've got a general question about how closed captioning is included and transmitted and displayed on a TV.

I have an LG TV model 42LD520 TV. Vintage 2015, non-smart TV. I use that 99% of the time. I also have a small Insignia TV, even less sophisticated, which I keep in the bonus room and use once in a while. I have a Roku express plugged in normally to the LG. It works fine. It also works fine when I plug it into the Insignia. In both cases, I connect the Roku by HDMI and by USB. The Toshiba DVD player connects to the LG TV by standard cables, not HDMI. I use a small Sony portable DVD player in the bonus room, connected by standard red/white/yellow cables.

I'm having trouble viewing closed captions on my LG TV but not on my Insignia TV, in movies I've streamed to either TV that I know include CC. When I play DVD movies that I know include CC, the CC displays correctly on the Insignia but never on the LG.

When I tried some time ago to study this I failed, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that if I'm connecting a source to the LG via HDMI, the CC signal does not get sent electronically from the source to the LG TV. But when I view the same signals on my Insignia TV every source that says it includes CC displays CC the way I want it to! And even when I play a DVD in the Toshiba DVD player, connected to the LG TV by standard cables, not HDMI, I see no CC on the LG TV but if I view the same DVD on the Insignia, with a small portable Sony DVD player, presto. CC appears normally.

It seems clear to me the problem is related to the LG TV, not to either of the sources (Roku, DVD via Toshiba or Sony). I've tried to interpret the LG user guide for how to set CC settings, but nothing I've tried has worked so far.

Any thoughts on why I'm not seeing CC on my LG even when I know they're part of the source?

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