Why cant i open up a video link?


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When I click on a video clip link on my laptop I get the windows page saying page cant open?

When I try to watch the same clip on my PC all is ok??

Laptop is Vista
PC is XP

I presume one of my settings is wrong?

Any ideas please?


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are you trying to open the video clip in a web browser? (ie youtube or something)

or is it a clip on your HD?


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Which browser are you using?

It might be caused by a missing plugin or you may have them turned off. If thats the case, normally you are prompted to install the plugin by your web browser. You can download and install the common ones; Java, Adobe and Windows Media Player


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It looks like i've got the plug ins:confused:

On the page that opens up it tells me that I need to tick the tsl and ssl options in tools,advanced drop down.

BTW they are already ticked:confused:


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Ok, go to Tools>Manage Add Ons>Enable/Disable Add Ons

This should bring up a screen telling you what add ons/ActiveX controls you have installed and whether they are enabled or not. Which ones do you have and are they enabled?

If not as a last resort, you might want to try the reset feature in IE to reset all your current settings to default.

Do you have another web browser such as firefox (which I use over IE :)) installed on your machine? You could use this to test to see if the clip plays in there.

EDIT - also could you link to the video file you are trying to open? So that i can tell what kind of file type it is. Thanks
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Does this help?


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The last thing i can think of is to reset all settings to default in IE, then download all the plugins again that i linked to.

Try firefox, see if it works in there.

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