Why are there no 1080i TVs in the USA???



Why are there no 1080i Plasma TVs in the USA ,when they already broadcast TV in 1080i????

Even $10,000 plasmas only have a resolution of 1280x720, they still have to scale the image to show 1080i (1920x1080).

Why aren't there any Plasma's capable of showing 1920x1080 in it's native resolution without scaling it?

When we get HD-DVD / BluRay nobody willl be able to appreciate how good it is because we don't have anything to display it on.


Simple answer really: cost. Fixed panel displays capable of 1920x1080 at a saleable price are only just being developed. The ATSC 1080i specification was desgined to last a long time - not just to cover what is avaiable at the moment. True 1920x1080 devices are not very far off.

In any case, as I understand it, most US broadcasters have been using 1440x1080 actual resolution thus far.

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Each field is 1920x540....it's interlaced.
The signal being broadcast will be 1920x1080i. The actual resolution of the image within it may well be 1400 or so. Just like PAL video tapes are 720x576 but you probably only have 300 or so TV lines of resolution on the actual tape......

There are rear projection CRT displays that do have this resolution and there are lots that claim to accept it(but will be massively overscanning as they cannot actually draw the full res image fast enough).

As Paul says though 1080P panels for fixed pixel devices are not far away.



As a matter of fact, rear projection CRT displays with native resoltion 1080i are the most popular HDTV sets in US/Canada by a huge margin over fixed pannel, but things are changing. So, theoretically, most of the HDTV sets now ARE supposed to handle the most popular broadcast format - 1080i. Practically, as I mentioned in the other thread, they are not so capable.
The only CRT RP TV I know of that does 1080 in progressive is an 82'' Mitsubishi @ $20,000. 1080p RP DLP and LCD diaplays are coming towards the end of the year at about $7-8,000.

And, to answer the first question, there isn't and never will be a fixed pannel display with native 1080i interlaced resolution. The difference between 1080i and 1080p is night and day.
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