Why are there homeless?


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This an honest question and i am quite ignorant to why we have homeless in this country.

Now I understand we have young run aways and maybe all the adult homeless people origionated this way, although i wouldn't find that believeable.

But irrespective of how people become homeless, why are they alowed to be homeless, is there no place to house them, by the council or other means.

Cleaning up the homeless whould shurely not be a massive cost expense for the governemt and whould simply from a moral point of view be a shining becon to the reast of the world, that we do not let people be homeless.

As said at the begining i don't know the reasons how or why we have homeless people, so i would very much like to be informed.

In fairly small cities like newcastle there appears from simple observation to be at most 100 homeless people, how difficult can it be to house, cloth and at least get them on the dole if nothing else.

la gran siete

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The 'individual' risk factors associated with homelessness are well established in the research literature. They include: poverty; unemployment; sexual or physical abuse; family disputes and breakdown; a background of local authority care; experience of prison or the armed forces; drug or alcohol misuse; school exclusion; and poor mental or physical health. The specific events which 'trigger' homelessness are also well understood, such as: leaving the parental home after arguments; marital or relationship breakdown; eviction; widowhood; discharge from the armed forces; leaving care; leaving prison; and a sharp deterioration in mental health or an increase in alcohol or drug misuse.


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There are many causes for homelessness.... people wanting to disappear, mental illness, drug/ alcohol abuse etc.

Whilst there are places setup to take people off the street they tend to have strict rules about drugs or alcohol which some people are unable to comply with. They arent setup to handle people with significant mental illness and many of these people do not want to live in hospital - my sister inlaw was admitted to hospital with depression after a failed suicide attempt but after 4 days couldnt stand the place anymore and so left - though she had a home to go back to.


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So a proportion of those that are home want to be?

And further there are a large proportion that currently cannot be help?

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id say atleast 95% of people are homeless because they cant afford to live in a house, you cant get a job or benefits if you have no fixed address which means they cant apply for a council flat etc.

if the government had a scheme to take the homeless off the streets then more people would run away each year as they would have somewhere to run too. it would be unfair on the tax payer to pay "rent" for the homeless.

i am sympathetic to how people can become homeless and not have the "energy" to get up and sort themselves out. but i do find it very hard to see why running away unless their life was in danger is neccesary. id imagine most people that disappear and become homeless could of found a different way if they knew about other options


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Very true, unless its through drug use, but I would assume its more of a side effect then principle desire.

Those that are clean from excessive drink and drugs should be helped, and even those that are on the drink/drugs they must find the money some where. Even though beging is not an attractive nucence, this is probably the most least offensive ways of funding their addictions.

In otherwords whyever these people are on the streets I think we should at what would seem to be a relativly cheap expense, house them and help them, either A) because its the right thing to do especialy for those that have fallen on bad time, B) those that are on substances are likely doing dispreportionate criminal damages to what it would cost in the long run to help them.

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I think that sometimes homelessness is the only but last option. Using my experience as an example I went from a homeowner > divorced and as such lost my house > flat renter > landlord sold my flat > could not afford another flat >rented a room in shared accom > dreadful > moved home, only when my parents asked me to.

Thankfully I had the luxury of having the last chance saloon of mum and dad offering me a room, but I can see and understand how people end up on the street with little or no support and no family or friends to fall back on.



Y'know what really gets my back up with all of this, we don't take care of our own, but our government fritters away millions to other countries.

Helping Oxfam, Medicins Sans Frontiers, or whatever other charity with their begging commercials seems a lot more important to some people than helping people right on their own doorstep.

After seeing what a balls up was made of the Tsunami fund allocation I vowed never to give to the big commercial charities again and commercial businesses (not charities) is what a lot of them have become.


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True and fact the amount asylum seekers taking homes when you'd expected them to help out people who've most likely lived in uk all there lives who are struggling living on streets :confused:


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The topic has now viered off to (the predictable) we should help our own first, the charrities are no good, asylum seekers :)boring: :rolleyes: ) and the government wastes our money.
I'm not saying these are incorrect or invalid but rather something should be done about it, how can we let people be on the streets when its a simple matter of money to put it to rights, and the money to 'clean up' the streets is probably less than the millenium dome, badly managed IT systems ect... and the benifit would aid the few and the many a like, we have a pretty good social care in the uk why is it only extending so far?


shahedz said:
i thinking wasting money on **** like the millenium dome is far a greater a crime than charities and people in need

Agreed. Need is need, wherever it's found.

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