Why are the batteries so expensive?


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Just purchased a canon 400, thanks to Miss Wobblebottom and the link to Tescos, and although I haven't used it yet, still waiting for the memory card to arrive, I've been looking at buying additional batteries and wow are those things expensive? Cheapest price according to camerapricebuster.co.uk is £36.48 for the NB-2LH from Amazon or £49.99 from Jacobs. Of course, on ebay, its possible to obtain batteries for a low as £1.99, but are these cheap batteries any good? my instincts tell me there not! Perhaps you people with the experience of digital cameras and the batteries they use can advise me, should I stick with batteries from Canon or are there alternatives with the same build quality at lower prices and perhaps with a higher mAh capacity, say 1000, 1250 or even 1600mAh.


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You'll probably find with the ebay batteries that although the unit price is low, the shipping costs are high. Total price might not be that different, but it massively reduces the fees the seller pays to ebay.

But to answer your question, why are razors so cheap, but the blades so expesnive?? :)


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I bought a twin pack from 7dayshop for £10 and they work just aswell as the original Canon.


I wouldn't trust batteries on ebay, there are a lot of fake ones around. They work, but their life span is much shorter. You get what you pay for.


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I got a replacement battery for my Fuji F11 from 7dayshop.com for £6.99, it is as good as the original Fuji Battery.


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Not a camera but a camcorder battery of the high capacity variety I bought from ebay at a fraction of the cost of a genuine Panasonic one is amazing. It holds its charge for over 6 months without being used and when I do use it, it just seems to last forever which is more than can be said for the Panasonic one.
I know where I shall be buying from in future.
The make is PowerMark, sadly I can't remember the traders name but they had a seemingly inexhaustible range of battery's for all manner of devices.


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i've used cheapo 3dr party batteries for years - never had a problem with then. I'd never pay canon prices for batteries, it's 7dayshop every time for me :thumbsup:


7day one's here as well ;)

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I bought the £1-99 batteries from Ebay. With postage it was about £8-00. The ebay batteries were made in Japan, The original Panasonic battery was made in China. The capacity with the ebay battery is slightly higher than the original Panasonic battery & lasts a little longer. I'd buy again.

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