Why are PS2s the most expensive? They're not the best!

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Dec 3, 2003
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It's true, PS2s are the most expensive consoles yet their not the best console. The XBOX is a far more superior console to the PS2. Why? Simple. It's the most powerful games console, it has 4 controller ports so you don't need to waste soooooo much money on a mulit-tap, it has better online games and online capability and it also has the best graphics. Simple. What does the PS2 have? Ooooooooh wow! The ability to play DVDs without a remote. And? For the price of a PS2 and a couple of games you can get an XBOX or Gamecube AND a DVD player!

Try and argue with THAT, PS2 ,lovers!
Not everyone thinks it is the worst console, i dependends on your individual opinion. The main plus for the PS2 is it has a much wider selection of games, which may be concidered the most important factor in buying a console. You also have to pay for xbox live, mist ps2 online games are free.

The PS2 also has the highest number of sales, so someone must think they are great.

I think the xbox is the best, i have a ps2 and an xbox, so i get the best of both worlds :)
You're right, I'm sorry. I just played Vice City on the XBox and had some memories about me and my mates playing it on my old PS2 on the Projector. Some of the best moments of my console life have been with a PS2! The PS2 is the only console that has kept me happy. I'm not happy with my Cube and I have Sonic Heroes! I guess it's cos I'm missing Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Metroid and Zelda... :(
I totally agree, cubeguy, the point is Sony don't need to and therfore would be stupid to lower the price. PS2 is a seller for whatever reason. However, as regards value for money, buying a PS2 just doesn't stand up.

I've finished with consoles for now, N64 was my last, I might have bought a GameCube, if it had broadband support on a par with XBox and also if broadband was cheaper. Why did Nintendo let Rare go, they could have made network capability work for GameCube by a Goldeneye/Perfect Dark sequel alone.

While XBox is great, I don't want Microsoft to monopolise/take over the world (but they already have!) and therfore would be more likely to support other formats.

Simply, Sony dominate the market and they can charge whatever they like for the PS2, because people will buy it!
The consoles are actually loss leaders in most cases......they hope to make the money on the accessories & games. So maybe its a case of why are Sony not willing to lose as much money as Mr Gates etc......

Probable answer is because the others are desperate to steal market share
Originally posted by i_like_it_cube
Why are PS2s the most expensive? They're not the best!

Originally posted by i_like_it_cube
The PS2 is the only console that has kept me happy.

I_like_it _cube...

Stop contradicting yourself, posts like these only start petty arguments between members. Lets see you posting some useful stuff please. - mod.
Okay Taz, I'll post sumfing helpful. BTW, what did I say that was so offending in my other thread about GAME? No, seriously, I can't remember.
did i buy my PS2 because of the free DVD player? did i buy my XB because of the 4 controller ports? did i buy my cube because its purple?

Hell No.

i bought them for the games. i dont give a monkeys what games are on what console, as long as games remain fresh and fun to play i will keep on buying.

and yes, console sales are a loss for the companies. they make there money back in the games and add ons.
Hence why they cost a packet more than their PC incarnations!
Closed, post on the which is best thread, this serves no purpose, thanks.
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