Why am I getting a distorted picture on my TV?


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I've been working for a week or so on getting MCE set up to operate on my TV.

I have my Vista PC with NVIDIA 7600 connected via S Video to my Sony 5200ES receiver then via S Video to my CRT TV. My telly's old but superb with no faults.

I have set up MCE using the automatic settings offered to me on MCE, having made sure it's configured for S Video etc, and it seems by and large to work well.

However, whether I'm playing from a disc on my DVD drive or from an (uncompressed) DVD ripped to my hard disk, I'm getting occasional imperfections. They're hard to describe, but it often appears as though there's a wobbly line running left to right, causing the upper part of the picture to be slightly offset from the lower. I have not been able to determine what conditions cause this eg bright or fast moving scenes. It seems quite random.

If I didn't know better I'd guess it might be a dodgy connection, but I know all the cables are OK and have swapped them round to make sure.

There are so many variables at play and I've discounted everything I can think of. Could anyone offer any ideas as to what they think might be the problem?


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Anyone? This has really got me puzzled, and means MCE is useless to me as things stand.

I don't get these problems when I replay a DVD through Media Player, so it would appear not to be the cable, connections, TV or even the graphics card. (For some reason I can't play DVDs in MCE so can't test that).

Could it possibly be that my hard drive isn't up to the task?


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S-video is never going to look very good.

Is your graphics card refresh rate a multiple of 25Hz (25/50/75/100)? If it were defaulting to 60 or 85Hz that could be a problem.


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Thanks. S video is all I have that will connect my card to my TV though. The image is excellent in terms of sharpness and colour, it's just the obvious fault. And as I say, the fault isn't present when I use other players, just MCE.

I have 3 refresh rates available: 25, 60 and 75. It was set to 60Hz. I've tried it on the others and I still have the fault. It's worth adding, unfortunately, although 25 or 50 maybe better for the TV, 25 creates a stuttery picture on my PC monitor (I have my card connected to both my TV and monitor) and 75 creates a soft/blurry image on my monitor. There is no way of having different settings for the VGA output to my monitor and S Video to my TV. (As far as I know, there is no graphics card on the market that allows this, lord knows why not, I can't believe it's beyond the capability of the manufacturers and software designers.)

This is driving me :suicide:

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