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    I'm not sure I would use this on my best records, but if I had a rare record that seemed beyond hope, it might be worth a try.

    Wood Glue as Vinyl Cleaner - AudioKarma.org Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

    In the inner and outer lead-in/lead-out grove areas, place several small strips of masking tape, making sure the tape does no encroach into the music area of the disc.

    Now cover the music area of the record in a smooth even layer of Common White Carpenters Glue. The theory says that the PVA-type 'White Glue' will not stick to the vinyl of the records. Though it probably won't work for older shellac records.

    Let it dry thoroughly, then, using the little strips of masking tape, peel off the glue. All the dust, dirt, debris, grease, and film stick to the glue, but, as the theory holds, the glue will not stick to the vinyl.

    The only thing I would worry about is, do I have the right glue? Just because a glue is white doesn't necessarily mean it is common PVA carpenters glue.

    I think Gorrilla Glue makes a white-looking carpenters glue, if you use this, likely the glue is permanently stuck to your record.

    But I think the basic model of Elmer's Carpenter's Glue is probably the right glue to use.

    If nothing else, go down to a used record shop and buy some beat up old record that no one else will buy, and give it a try on that first. That way you can test both the effectiveness of the method, and whether or not you actually have the right glue. If the experiment fails, you are out a little pocket change for the old beat-up record. If it works, you may be able to restore some of your old record, or bring some of those used record you bought, back up to speed.

    Just a suggestion.


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