WHS 2011 remote access - prioritising music


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I wonder if anyone can help.. I am set up using WHS 2011 and using the remote access feature to stream music to where I work. I have a large aac / mp3 collection (kept in a ServerFolders\Music directory) but I have also started to reburn a lot of my collection as wma lossless. The idea is to keep 2 rips - 1 for iTunes in AAC / MP3 so I can move to my iphone; 1 rip in ma lossless (in a diffent directory ServerFolders\Lossless) which I can use to stream round the house or through remote access at the highest quality.

Over Windows Media Player I can identify easily which tracks are in wma lossless and which are m4a / aac due to their icons on the album art. However over the web portal this is less easy. Do you know how I can do this? One solution is for the media access to only look at the lossless directory but this will mean that I can't get at my aac collection as I slowly rip it over. Ideally I want to prioritise it to say "Get from lossless directory and then from my Music directory" ... or be able to just identify what format it is in.

Thanks in advance
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