whos the current 28 inch widescreen daddy?


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Howdy, been out of the game for a while and a mate has asked me to find a 28 inch widescreen for under 800 quid so was wondered what models are currently considered to be the daddy?


My advice would be to go to a few showrooms and have a look for your self. Shortlist a few that impress you in terms of asthetics and picture quality and then do a search on the forum for anything that you should be aware of with a particular model you have chosen. However, I would definatley consider manufacturers such as Sony, Phillips or Toshiba.


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Does he already have an AV amp and speakers ?

If not then check out the Panasonic TX28PB50 which has onboard 5.1 and DTS. Obviously not as good as a dedicated AV rig but still very good and a good solution if you still want the TV in the corner of the room.

Normally about £1k in the shops but Empire Direct have it for £750 +pp.


I've had 3 TX28PB50's, & the spec of them is great, but the geometry on all of them has been terrible - I've returned them all. I spoke to a couple of panasonic dealers & a knowlegable (rare ;) ) engineer, who all suggested that Panasonic had cut several corners to get a 28" tv with a high spec at the 'right' price. I've since bought a 32"PB50 (1 week), & the geometry is looking miles better than the 28", so perhaps these people were right?
Anyway, IMHO, don't have a TX28PB50.


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The geometry on my 28PB50 needs a slight tweak. Do you have the service menu setting's for your set's ?
If so could you let me know what they were ?


I've got the details at home (I'm not there) & I think they go something like;
In the sound menu, set BASS to MAX, & TREBLE to MIN
Then press the 'Channel Down' -\/- button on the TV's front panel, and the 'Index' button on the remote at the same time. This brings up the service menu.
To navigate the service menu, use the couloured buttons on the remote - the 2 on the left go forwards & backwards through the options, & the 2 on the right change the values.
When happy with the change, press the 'STR' button on the remote to store it. You have to do this for each option you change, i.e. change H-Pos & press STR, then V-Pos & press STR etc.

I'm pretty sure thats how to access the menu, but I know it took me a couple of times to press the button on the TV & remote at the same time (I know, it sounds simple :D ) . If that doesn't get you in, update this post & I'll check it later when I'm at home, & post the accurate instructions.

I know every post about service menus says this, & I know it sounds really condescending, but I'd write the settings down before changing anything if I were you.

Have fun.......


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If you're looking for a 28", I would highly recommend the
Sony KV28LS60, as would many other members of this forum.

Got mine for £749 + free 5yr warranty from John Lewis, but you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

After having loads of hassle with 4 replacement TVs from Comet, I did some serious research before buying. To me, the KV28LS60 seemed to be the model with the specs I was looking for, and seemed to be the one with the least problems. Obviously it is just luck whether you get a set with problems, or a perfect one.

If you do a search in this forum on "KV28LS60" you will find a lot of valuable comments on this model.

Anyway, Good Luck!


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Thanks for the reply. I know how to get into the service menu I was just wondering if you still had a note of what the settings were in there were for your tv's. I would like to know so I could compare them with mine. Thanks.



sorry for the delay in replying, I've not been about, but yes, I do have the settings, & I will put them on here for you tomorrow (thurs 24) - Hope it will help

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