Who's Looking forward to 2012 and Why?


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Found the other thread a little morbid so as Ian J suggested thought I would create one for the glass half full lot.

2011 turned out to be a pretty good year. I got married, took time off work ( had 5 days off in 2010) , went on holiday etc.

2010 and the beginning of 2011 was very stressful work wise, but now I have a good woman behind , the things that I used to find stressful and focus all my attention don't seem as important.

Things at work are still tough, but unlike 2010 I am not going to spend a whole year worrying about it. Things are on the up and hopefully 2012 will be a good year at work and if not I'll deal with it if it isn't when it is rather than worry about it.

I plan on taking a few more holidays to spend with the wife this year. Focus is work hard, buy a house and chill out.

I wish everyone here a prosperous 2012!


The glass has, has, has to be half full!

So for most 2012 I'll will be working my butt off, in a job that I absolutely love, allowing us to;

Get a new car in March

Travel to Kuramathi, The Maldives for a fortnight in March/April

Celebrate my 40th in early April, (yup this is something I'm looking forward to)

Visit San Francisco & LA for 10 days in August/September

See family in Palm Beach, Florida for Christmas

And if we get time, try and start a family :eek:

It hasn't always been this good, but I very quickly learned that whatever you have can easily be taken away from you.

So in essence I'm going to grab 2012 by the scruff of its neck and get what I want out of it.

Happy New Year!

Stephen Carter

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Hopefully will get onto my top-up degree or my new degree in September next year
Got a 4 day holiday planned in August
I turn 21 in September too so that should be good fun
Brother is getting married in October
New cricket season in April

Plenty of stuff to look forward to but no doubt there will be some bad times too (sorry to bring that up). This years gone like lightning so I'm going to try and enjoy it more :) getting old now :O


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Looking forward to our first child being born in May, Conservatory being built, some other house renovations, and going from being a house husband to a stay at home dad.

BT Bob

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I start a new job on Jan 9th - so a bit nervous and a bit exciting!

My neice is expecting her first baby in June.

Also, got 2 weeks in Mexico to look forward to in September.

So, yes, at the moment, the glass looks 1/2 full!


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I want to book the holiday in pretty soon so we have something to look forward to. I have accumulated 50,000 airmiles last year, and have a companion voucher which I need to book before Feb.

Want to do Malaysia again, and Bali hopefully.


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Hopefully off to Japan during the middle of 2012 to see a friend who is working out there teaching English at a high school.


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I'm really looking forward to running the London Marathon in 2012 .... a big challenge and hope I can raise some cash for my friend who died recently and his nominated charity, the British Heart Foundation.

(Look out for the fundraising thread coming soon!)


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I'm looking forward to it. I have my family, my health, a job, and a bit of disposable income after bills. There's a whole lot of things I want, but not much I actually need.


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First mortgage free year, three holidays starting with Singapore in February.
Seeing more of the grandchildren.


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I'll become a father in June.

I may get a 20% payrise in August.

That is all.


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DrPhil said:
In May I'm going to India to work with underprivileged children which will be a huge challenge but very rewarding
Good stuff. Whereabouts and for how long?

Ian J

The largest deal that I have ever "broked" should come to fruitition in mid January which will result a significant payment to me and I have already booked a fortnight in Madeira for Easter, a fortnight in Lanzarote for august and a week in Spain for the October half term so I have plenty to look forward to on the income and leisure fronts.


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Should submit my thesis in January and complete the phd in March / April, followed by a two week holiday in Thailand to celebrate. I've also got a few ideas for bids to keep me in employment after April which is when my contract runs out. I'll probably also pop the question around this time too, as long as I can find more work


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Fingers crossed I hope to move into a new house in February, (last move unless I win the lottery, which I don't play).

In May I'm going to India to work with underprivileged children which will be a huge challenge but very rewarding.

And by the end of the year I hope to have kitted out my new house with a (very cheap by AVF standards) home theatre meaning I never have to go to the cinema again!
Good on you!

Nice to hear some positives here!


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Forge to mention, in the new year I will also be eating like a pig (at least for a day).

I've been on a sponsored slim for the past 5 weeks to raise the funds for the India trip. That included watching my grub dying 10 days in New York, and through Christmas dinner!

I'm going to demolish a few pizzas on Sunday, so that's another reason to look forward to the new year!


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Looking forward to the 7th of Jan when my wifes parents who are staying with us for 3 weeks over Christmas bugger off back to the States!!


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Looking forward to the 7th of Jan when my wifes parents who are staying with us for 3 weeks over Christmas bugger off back to the States!!
It's safe to say then that they 'aint AVF members?:D

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