Who's heard Dolby HD or DTS HD?


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Do you think it is noticably better?

Where did you hear it? (no one seems to want to demo it in store)

Were you able to do a back to back against DD or normal DTS?
How old are you?
Have you been exposed to a lot of high volume noise in the past?

I'm thinking the last 2 questions are relevant in terms of human ability to actually hear the differences, but comments welcome.
Is it the emporer's new cloths?
Just one note you may want to consider and that is DTS and DD are lossy algorithms (or so I have read) and so it's not the full spectrum any how. Akin to having mp3 in 5.1 channel vs full CD. So hopefully the difference should be noticeable by normal hearing.


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hmm, but there's lossy and there's lossy.
128Mb MP3s are quite a bit down the pecking order from a DD5.1 track surely?
But once you start comparing DD with things better than it, how obvious is the difference?

I suppose I should have added to the questions, "please state on what kit".



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Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio are both lossless compression formats.
No one (from the general public) has heard DTS HD MA as nothing can decode it yet.

How does TrueHD (and PCM from Blu-ray discs) sound?
It's like comparing CD audio to low bit-rate MP3.

Where did I hear it.
Heard it right here, as I have a Blu-ray and HD-DVD player.


Lots of noise?
Yep, I fix planes.

Are my ears shot?
Definitely not. Exposure to high volume reduces the extreme frequencies I can hear but it doesn't screw my hearing in those ranges I can hear. High quality audio reproduction does not mean reproducing frequency extremes.

My kit?
Expensive (greater than £10k) and pretty good.


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cracking, thanks charlie!
BTW what amp / speakers have you got?

anyone else? keep um coming...


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I have a PS3, HD-E1, Pioneer AX4Si-s amp plus AE speakers and REL Storm sub

I prefer TrueHD to anything else - maybe its placebo affect but it just sounds richer to me than anything else I have heard (havent had the pleasure of any decent DTS material as yet) - A few MA tracks are great but I guess I am only getting "core" rather than the full track due to the amp/decoders

At home

No back to back testing as yet


Not anything severe enough to affect my hearing


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cracking, thanks charlie!
BTW what amp / speakers have you got?

anyone else? keep um coming...

Marantz SA11 SACD/CD
Pioneer 989 DVD/5.1 SACD/DVD-Audio
Panasonic BD10 Blu-ray
Toshiba EX1 HD-DVD
Pro-Ject mid range turntable.

Pioneer AX10ais (bi-amping front speakers)

Canton 5.1 setup based around the Karat M80DC (large,German floor-standers with a very clean sound) with matching centre and sub. Speaker setup biased towards music reproduction rather than film soundtracks.


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Moving this thread to General AV as it is not specific to AV Amps...

oh, I havn't compared Dolby TrueHd or DTS Master with DD/DTS vanilla, but I do listen to DVD-A/SACD which is basically the same sort of meat with different gravy......and there is definitely a difference...

see kit listed below, age 30 etc....

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