Who's fed up of the Amtrad Sky+ Box?


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Anyone out there with the Amstrad feel the same?

-Unresponsive to remote control commands
-Sound drop out after live pause & on playback
-Sound "blocks" on playback
-Lip sync loss on playback
-Freezes at random
-Fails to record programs
-Noisy hard drive

Anything else to add??

Previously had a pace PVR3 & had precisely... NONE of the problems listed above, except the modem died. Didn't ruin my viewing enjoyment though.

Sky CS say that the sound drop out is normal... If I had bought this thing from Argos I would have taken it back & they would have swapped it, no questions asked.

So WHY are we expected to put up with this rubbish? We pay 100 quid for the box & 50 a month to subscribe.

I want to make a complaint but can't seem to get past the CS reps. Does anyone have an e-mail address?


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speedymct said:
I want to make a complaint but can't seem to get past the CS reps. Does anyone have an e-mail address?

Someone on this forum last week emailed "Mr Murdoch" and got a result.
Do an advanced search on this forum using "murdoch" as the search term and you should find it.


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Our shAmstrad annoys me the most with the sound drop out, on recorded and live paused programs.

This is the 3rd PVR3 we have had, and none of them were a patch on our PACE PVR2, which only needed to be replaced when SKY updated the Software last October.

At least it has not got the disk whine of the Thomson, that really was unbearable.


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Got to admit I wrote previously that I was happy with my Amstrad box but I spoke to soon!. Picture started freezing and then locked up. Also the engineer could not download the new software.

Engineer came again but only had another Amstrad! He did go to the warehouse in an attempt to find a Thomspn but there were only Amstrads. He has installed again but still cant download the new software! Anyone else had this problem.


My Amstrad PVR2 has been 100% perfect for the least year ..

.. Then I fitted the Samsung 250Gb drive and everything went downhill and the performance appears the same as your before the upgrade !!

40Gb drive now back in and performance restored !!!

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