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Who's a happy boy then?!


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Well, I guess it must be the best part of a year since I took the plunge and swapped out my KEF R500 and R600C and went to the Apex A40, (we are 95% tv and movies so the sub/sat approach kinda made sense), 3 x A40s as LCR
Then arrived the Emotiva UMC200 pre/pro and the XPA5 Gen 2 power amp some 5 months ago to replace my long standing Yamaha RX V 2700
Lastly the surounds (KEF T301s) were swapped out for two more Apex A40s about a month ago, giving me five fully matched speakers.
The BK Monolith has an AntiMode in circuit and that has now been aided some more by the EMO Q room correction of the UMC 200
Didn't like the first effects of the EMO Q, seemed to blanket the mid and upper ranges but did tighten the bass significantly and removed a lot of "overhang" however have tinkered some more, been in touch with the tech desk at Emotiva as well for some pointers and now all is good, excellent mids and highs with a punchy tuneful bass

So, what do we know;
Significant change in perceived sound and dynamics when moving from the KEFs to the Apex A40s, almost as if the room was crying out for a sub/sat combo, no disrespect to the KEFs as they are amazing speakers but I just wasn't getting the best out of them, the Apex have stepped that up considerably and given amazing stage width.

Moving from an AVR to the Pre/Pro Power Amp was also an eye opener, amazing dynamics, sound stage and ease. Not an easy path in setting up (the manuals whilst covering the bases are pretty poor in the fine set up detail) and the pre/pro remote is not as intuitive as most but the end result is very satisfying, again the Emotiva tech help desk were very good.

As for the final piece of the jig saw, changing out the surrounds to Apex A40s, I wasn't sure what to expect (but knew it is the right thing to do) and when I first installed them I thought "so what?"
I think because they were no longer "prominent" with their sonic signature and they just blended fully with the front three I was almost disappointed, but a month later, some more tweaking, more SPL sweeps and set up, refining measurements etc they are now so damn good I am wondering what I did without them
Playing BluRays and DVDs especially the room now is alive with the effects, music and speech, all tonally balanced with the listener just greeted with this ambience where no one speaker is at "war" with any other.

Just a terrific set up with which I am very pleased, for not too much cash (!!! relatively speaking)

Who's a happy boy then................?

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