Who'll get the boot before xmas?


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My money is on David O'Dreary, he is sending us down the pan, pathetic excuse after excuse, moan moan moan :mad: He doesn't motivate, lets Aitkin dictate from the sidelines.

Other than that, Bryan Robson's collar might get a bit sweaty if he keeps hovering above the danger zone, and Steve Bruce might end up with the boot, but their board probably doesn't have the stones to do something like that.

Hopefully Deadly will have one last swing of the axe before he hands the club over to the consortium!

Solomon Grundy

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I'll stick my neck out and say Alex Ferguson...


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A poll!!!!!!!!!!!!........*cough*....woulda been nice

O'Leary or Steve Bruce

Fergie - end of season. Too soon...:devil: ...:rolleyes:


Decadence said:
I'll stick my neck out and say Alex Ferguson...
Not after tonights result!

Well done Man Utd :clap: and thanks for keeping Arsenals unbeaten run record safe.


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I'm gonna go Coleman, just got a feeling it'll start going wrong for them again soon....

O'Leary (Aston Villa) 4/1
Perrin (Portsmouth) 5/1
Bruce (Birmingham) 7/1
McCarthy (Sunderland) 8/1
Moyes (Everton) 17/2
Ferguson (Man Utd) 9/1
Robson (WBA) 11/1
Souness (Newcastle) 13/1
Coleman (Fulham) 13/1
No manager to leave 15/1


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My money would be on Perrin

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