Who'll be first to announce a price smash bundle?


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Given sales appear to be slow, there's a lot of stock in the channel, MS are due to launch the 360 Elite soon(ish) and the margin on the hardware is so low how long before one of the retailers does a PS3 + Extra Controller + these three games for £449?

It'd kick start sales and generate some real excitement!


Very unlikely, Play are doing there Deal, for £500 now, PS3, MS and RFOM, HDMI lead and Click BR. i don't think they could afford to do PS3, controller and 3 games for £449, i think they'd just stop PS3's being shipped to them.


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Official bundles of PS3 + Controller + Game for £449 would be more realistic but with the console being sold at £399 i some places I'd more expect it to be £429


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The bundle offered on Play.com is rather impressive.

3 Games: MotorStorm, R: FoM and Genji:boring:
1 Blu Ray Movie: Click
1 HDMI Cable
all for £500.00, which isn't bad if you take into account that
MotorStorm = £30
R: FoM = £30
Genji:boring: :boring: = £20
Click = £17
HDMI cable = £10
which in total is £117 for spending £75 above the RRP

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