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I am looking to get a surround sound system for my living room/snug area.

Around 10-years ago, I had my last AV setup based around a Yamaha RXV-565 & M&K Xenon LCR 36 (+M&K Sub) sytem, which was excellent but all got sold when I moved house, and now a couple more moves later I'm a bit out of the loop.

Existing Kit
  • Panasonic TX-55FZ802B OLED TV
  • Panasonic DMP-UB700EBK (Main Source other than Netflix/Prime on TV. No SKY/BT box etc).
  • REL Stadium II Subwoofer
  • I do have some ATC SCM10s spare but they are a bit bulky
  • Multiroom Compatible - Not tied to any system at the moment but I do have a single Yamaha Musiccast item in the Hifi.
  • Any electrics as discrete as possible, nothing too bulky or intrusive. I want to keep the Mid-Century feel of the room as much as possible (yes I know it has a large TV!)
  • Happy to buy second hand / older models.

Option 1
Buy a soundbar that has a sub/analog out for the REL and just use that from the TV (Optical Out/HDMI)

Option 2
Buy a Reciever and 5x surrounds (Similar size to the M&K Zenon). Maybe the two surround speakers as in-ceiling for tidiness.

The Room

This is the room, there will be some changes in the final layout. The Door is being moved to the right of the fire place, where the subwoofer is currently sat. The Ikea Kallax unit will then go in front of the old door location next to the TV. The Kallax is mostly LP/CD storage.
The sofa will then move down and I plan on putting the REL Sub in that corner.
The current TV stand just has the Bluray player in it at the moment, and might be used elsewhere to free up some space for the AV system bits with a larger cabinet for storage.

by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

The Hifi bits can be ignored for this plan as thats all set down the other end of the room as below. The CD, Amp, TT etc will be next to the right speaker, where the armchair is as that will all shift down once the Ikea unit has moved.

by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

Needs to be under £1k, ideally less. Happy to buy second hand/b-grade if required.
I plan to start buying some bits over the coming months as I don't expect the building work (in this part of the house will be completed until the summer.

Any thoughts?


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Here is a quick layout showing the final plan.


  • Layout.jpg
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You don´t really have space for any decent sized speakers if you put that Ikea unit there. Perhaps some passive soundbar or small satellite system (QA 7000i example). Then you have sub at the back of room one side. Not necessarily best idea with tiny speakers as it needs to play high so may locate annoyingly.

If you think the Xenon 36 LCR would fit with your new av-unit in front of tv then ebay has few of those and they would be familiar and surely good choice. Not sure would this guy sell the LCR36 alone for you. You could start with 3.1 system if you can`t spend too much right away.

Av-receivers aren´t cheap this time of year if you looking new one with warranty. I would be worried to buy used one as you never know how it´s going to last. Cheapest new Yamaha with Music Cast support goes for 450£. It does have 4 hdmi 2.1 inputs & 1output for future proofing or if you plan to buy new gaming consoles.

Denon has X1600H for 399£. It has multiroom wireless support (Denon Heos).

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Struggling with the concept of not using the Tannoys for AV and HIFi duties.


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