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I would be grateful for any help regarding installing an AV system for a home.
I would like to have TV sockets in about 4 rooms, ideally without the need for boxes in each room, to distribute SKY,DVDs and maybe Plex.
I had a discussion with an AV installer, who recommends central storage with a 4x4 matrix,with signals being transmitted via CAT 6 cable.
This is to be controlled by a URC-MRX-10 controller with TRC-1080 wifi remote controls.
This seems very nice and elegant but unfortunately is quite pricey!
Does anybody know of a cheaper central solution, as I would be keen to avoid having too many boxes in each room.
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I had very same requirements recently and after having 3 AV guys round and quotes, researching myself long and hard. The result is I have paid up for the 4 x 4 matrix, cat cabling and controllers. Not cheap but there really doesnt appear to be an alternative. Currently being installed, although my house renovations wont be fini for a couple of months so wont be able to comment on result for some time. Hope that helps

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All depends on do you want to distribute HD or would be happy with baseband video over RF.

HD over single or dual CAT6 varies a lot in price - as do the features, comparability and support.

What sort of budget were you envisaging and what would you want included in the budget?

One thing that would save you a considerable amount is to look at alternative control mechanism, the URC is excellent but very pricey.

Maybe start with just the matrix, I would recommend HdBaseT Single Cat5/6 solution, with built in IR routing using standard remote controls initially and then you can add further automation/control later if you need to.

Or use a simpler Universal remote like the Harmony Ultimate.

Or use a product like the Roomie App for Ios smartphones and some Global Cache Wifi to IR devices

Or a combination of all three (the most common method)

This way the hardware comes down to well under £2000 for a 4x4 Matrix and some universal remotes.


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This looks just the sort of info I'm after.......

What I'm looking for is a system that can send SKY HD to at least 6 rooms, distribute music/video from a central storage point to several more rooms and hopefully run communications too. The problem is it needs to go into a large 18th century country house so all the distances are long and the walls very thick..

If anyone can point me in the right direction or suggest any installers who cover Scotland I'd be very grateful. :)

Joe Fernand

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Happy to talk over your requirement - we cover most areas and or have links with folks who may be more local to you.

Joe (in the Borders)


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The solution I'm going to try is a 1x4 splitter from each of sky, dvd and chromecast. Each of these will go into a separate av receiver, all in one location and controlled where possible by ip, otherwise by global Cache itach devices. You'd need to wire speakers cable, subwoofer cable and Hdmi to each room, but you'd need to do that anyway if you wanted sound in each room.

Given you can pick up a decent second hand av amp for around £100 now, this could potentially work out a lot cheaper.

I'm still trying to figure out the specifics but it seems overall a cheaper and simpler system.
I would hardly say it was simpler, and running HDMI cables between rooms over any sort of distance can be problematic. Also you have no IR back to the sources should IP fail.

Would you actually want a full AV amp for each room ?

Joe Fernand

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‘The solution I'm going to try’ – it can work, though I wouldn’t want to be the person trying to Tech support it remotely, wouldn’t want to be responsible for ensuring it was easy to operate, wouldn’t want to be responsible for software/firmware updates when new devices are introduced and wouldn’t want to be responsible for dealing with HDCP and EDID with such a convoluted system.

In terms of cost possibly running four ‘budget’ AVRs may not be so cost effective over the lifetime of the system if you don’t require surround sound in all Zones.

Ensure you have adequate air exchange/circulation where you are locating the AVR's.

4x4 HDBaset Matrix over Single Cat5/6 & 4 receivers with discrete/routed IR passthru, POC (power over Cable) and fast switching. £1299+VAT - Simple, flexible and controllable.

Not sure the Chromecast will work in this situation as they prefer being plugged directly into TVS


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Many thanks for all the replies.
Basically I am looking to have the ability to distribute the sources between 2 TV initially but have the provision to add further TVs in bedrooms in the future if needed.
The installer has recommended a 4x4 4k modular matrix and then several hdanywhere input/output modules and a hdbaseT lite 60m transmission module and receiver.
I assume I will need these for each room that needs a TV. It seems a waste to install these into rooms which may not TVs for several years (kids bedrooms).
As I mentioned he has also recommended a URC MRX10 and TRC-1080s for each TV.
Reading the above though, I get the impression the matrix can be controlled with IR so I am not sure what extra benefit the controller offers.
Also paying £500 for each remote seems very steep!
Do these remotes offer all the functions of the original? For example would they replace a SKY+ remote?
And if I added further kit in the future do these remotes need reprogramming?
One final question I have is regarding an AV rack. They suggest a chief s1 41u rack with custom shelving, fan trays and power distribution 1u remote switching.
Is there a cheaper alternative to this setup as this alone is about £2500.
Obviously I will discuss this with the installer but I would be grateful for any advice beforehand.
Ok, does seem expensive but without knowing the full details difficult to be sure.

A 4x4 matrix, preferably ours :)1499+vat, would potentially negate the need for the urc remotes. As they carry ir signals back to sources. As for the cabinet don't pay more than perhaps 800 for all of that.



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They recommend a hdanywhere 4x4 modular 4k matrix.
I am still not clear on the role of the controller.
Regarding the cabinet how would it be possible to get it all for £800, is there a different company that makes them that you recommend?

Joe Fernand

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Control System depending on the system and the skill of the programmer you can provide a multi device scheme using tablets or dedicated controllers. Some Users love them others don't so don't throw away the original remotes just yet.

You will want to ensure any 'closed' system you go with includes the Source file so you have the option to use whoever you want when the system requires future updates - which it will as you make hardware changes.

HDMI Matrix - I would be wary of assuming components of a modular system will have as long a shelf life as you are expecting. Our Cardframe has 4-inputs and slots for up to eight Outputs (currently HDBaseT-lite) though don't expect it not to have changed ten years from now :)

Review here - HDBaseT: Octava HD4XSTPMX-UK Review | AVForums

Rack - come in all shapes and sizes, for that money I'd want something that allows me simple access to the rear of the kit. (A basic rack can cost a few hundred pounds).

Nothing wrong with that matrix but just expensive in my opinion.

It can be a nice add on getting the urc but not necessary .

Without knowing what else is in the cabinet can't be sure why such a difference but for a simple system like yours shouldn't be that much.


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