Who to buy from??


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Does anyone have any experience of buying from DVDWorld USA. this would be an import BD player.

They say they pay all delivery and VAT/Customs charges.
So the Sony S350 + 10 movies of your choice would be £345.


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Am I reading this wrong, but the S350 can be got in the UK for £200 and there is no region issues and no need to get voltage adapters as the US version works on 120 volts?


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Sony 350 is presently < £200 Reg B UK sourced. There is an available hack to make it multi region for dvd. Still no Blu-Ray hack :(.

At that price and with the saving on not buying a voltage adaptor you'd probably be able to buy 10 films of your choice.

I'd read the T&Cs closely on the import duty/vat paid bit. If it isn't guaranteed and HMRC come calling you'll get stung.

So I suppose the only question is whether or not you want to source all your movies from the US/Canada - except UK reg B that are actually reg free of course.

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