who sings " I love all the girls I love all the girls"


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Sorry if its in the wrong section

As the title who sings the song that goes....I love all the girls I love all the girls please?

Thank you.


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Me when I'm drunk, hic! :beer:


kid rock, wastin' time?

or maybe your thinking of a mika track, like love today, altho i don't think he sings those exact words, or even loves girls

what kind of music is it? is it a guy, girl, band, new song, old song, where did you hear it? that kinda info should help tie it down


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lol :D

my girlfriend wants the song its a bloke singing it. Its not Mika as I quite like his stuff too and have the album it has been on the T4 advert and is quite a catchy song and only just recently been played but does'nt seem to be on the charts or anything like that and I've one eber heard it twice on the radio :(



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There's a song by blood arm that goes "I like all the girls and all the girls like me" which is fairly recent.


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thanks for everyones help finally found it on Saturday its by calvin harris called the girls! :thumbsup:

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