Who only uses eARC and what receiver do you use?


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My Sony STR DN-1080 crapped out on me and the eARC function is no longer working. My current set up is:

PS5 (connected to TV)
Xbox Series X (connected to TV)
Apple TV 4k (connected to TV)

In an effort to get around the lack of 120hz refresh rate w/ the Sony STR-DN1080, i've been running everything through my TV and back to the A/V receiver. I want a receiver that has Dolby Atmos and will produce Dolby Vision when watching the Apple TV.

My budget is around $1k

Any suggestions on what receiver i should purchase?


Welcome to the Forum.

AVF is based in the UK and so you will have to rely on our American members to point you in the direction of AV amps in a USD budget.

Denon AV amps will have the ability to do all you wish except for the entry level models, certainly from the X2700 onwards. There has been a problem with the refresh rate on the early 2021 models but you would have to check with any supplier that they have the new models fitted with the correct chip. Marantz, the sister company to Denon, also have the new chips fitted.

Atmos is almost universal with all AV amps now, so no problems there and that includes all manufacturers, again the entry level models may lack Atmos capability.

Unfortunately this is a bad time to buy with stock being erratic because of Covid, shipping problems and a major fire at the AKM chip factory in Japan. This is keeping prices considerably higher than would be expected at this time of year. All I can say is good hunting.


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Updated 120hz x700 Denon unfortunately have a lower end chip than the buggy 120hz x700

No idea how that effects and though

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