Who needs a washing line.......


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When you have a power extension lead and a creative streak :thumbsup:

I'm currently staying with a friend. He's always dried his washing on a clothes horse next to a radiator.

Now that I've moved in there's a lot more washing to be done. I don't like wet washing in the house and there wasn't a washing line in the small garden so I used what items I had at my disposal.


Tomorrow I might make a box girder bridge out of house hold bric-a-brac ;)

Solomon Grundy

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...or a lawnmower/strimmer out of a food mixer and a couple of kitchen knives?


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No, pants mainly (as you can see from the picture).

I also used an old plastic plant pot (the big variety) as a washing basket. Obviously I washed it out and sterilised it first.


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Washing Noob! LOL

Good on you mate, nothing wrong with a bit of inventiveness even if it is function over style!


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