Question Who moved from a iPhone 6 to a new iPhone SE?


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It's almost time to (finally) upgrade from my 6, which I bought from here when it was not quite 2 years old, in early 2016, and whilst it still works it does struggle. It's slow to do most things, can sometimes spend an age just opening the app before you can use it, the GPS can be sketchy, and despite having it's battery replaced in Dec 2018 by Apple it can get really hot when in use (depending on use) and discharge quickly. I reckon I've got pretty good use out of it: more than 4 years in my use, with one battery replacement and one screen replacement.

I was toying with a used X or XR, but I figure a) the SE is newer so has that little bit longer life/support, and going from a 6 with the same form factor, it's not like I'm going to miss the bigger screen or Face ID (and even though I've not had Face ID, I think I'd rather have Touch ID anyway). I think I'm lack-of-headphone-jack proofed: bluetooth in the car, Airplay at home and AirPods for out and about (and there's always the Lightning adapter if I need to use my wired Bose QC2's). I can't decide on storage - my 6 is 64gb and over 4 years usage I still have ~30gb unused storage at any given time. I was originally thinking 256gb for the new phone, that way I can sync my full iTunes library to it (123gb and counting) but then, I have an iPod Classic that I use for long travel journeys by car or plane. The rest of the time I have a bunch of favourites on my phone and I sync dynamically if thee's anything specific I want on it for general out and about. I could go for the 128gb, but that seems pretty redundant since I couldn't sync my full library to it (at least without downgrading the audio quality), so really I'd just have ~90 odd gb spare all the time. So I'll probably just stick with 64.

So who went from a 6 to an SE and how much of a noticeable improvement was it?


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I did. Had my iPhone 6 from new since 2014 but it was getting slow and the battery wasn’t holding charge. Importantly the 6 no longer supported the latest IOS so it was finally time for an upgrade. I always hated the notch that comes with Face ID models and the massive price tag.
The 2020 SE is lightening fast. I had the habit of tapping the home button to see the time, but Touch ID is now so fast that it’s almost impossible to do without unlocking the phone. Fortunately there’s now the raise to wake setting so I don’t need to. Battery life is great, I can easily get a couple of days and the camera Is a huge improvement in terms of resolution and effects like portrait mode etc. It feels heavier in pocket and hand due to the glass back for wireless charging. Bit miffed I had to buy a lightening headphone dongle but they’re cheap.
The only other thing I would say is that there might be a price reduction after the 12 comes out so I’ve read.


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Thanks for that. I'd heard 2nd gen Touch ID was faster (never had a 7 or 8 to try it) but I didn't realise it was that fast!

Price reduction would be even better, but not sure I can (or want to) wait until next April, unless it was a dead cert and a worthwhile drop. Which, of course, none of us know except Apple (and unlikely they'll tell us before it happens!). £419 is pretty cheap, I think, for an iPhone even if it is only 64gb. And I don't think I even need 128gb, but of course I'll be a bit miffed if I go 64gb then 6 months later they drop the 128 to the same price as the 64 was...


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I went from the original SE to the new one. As @SimonSays says, Touch ID is super-fast. The whole phone is, in fact.

Overall it’s been a great upgrade. My only criticism would be battery life – it still needs charging most nights. That’s still an improvement over my old one, though. That wouldn’t even make it through the afternoon by the end.


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To be fair, I can't remember the last phone I had that didn't need charging every night. It was probably a Nokia, about ten years ago. My 6 gets charged every night and at least once during the day - depending what I'm doing, it can be twice a day. So anything is an improvement over that (and that's with a replacement battery fitted by Apple in Dec 2018!)


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Well I made the move last week, and as the old adage goes, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner (I do know, it’s because I had other priorities and still had a working phone at the time).

Got to say, as others have, it’s so much faster than my 6. Apps load quicker, phone starts quicker, no lagging on text entry and the Touch ID is insanely fast compared to my 6.

So all in all, a worthwhile upgrade (despite not looking much different)

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