Who is best when it goes wrong?


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I am new to audio/speakers etc so bought a pair of new B&W 606 S2 AE speakers due to budget, space, review etc but one has suffered from distortion. Being a rookie I don't use them that much, so the issue only raised its head after the 30 days had lapsed since purchase. Anyway, after experiencing their customer support/repair service, I won't be buying B&W again.

However it set me wondering if the collective experience of these forums has a view as to whether there is a mainstream brand that is better known for supporting their products when something goes wrong e.g. having decent turn-around times, making an effort to fix the problem or whether the companies are all much the same? So for example would I better trying KEF, Monitor Audio, Revel, Elac etc if after sales support is an important consideration to be weighed with how they sound etc?


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Here are some of my experiences:

I found Mission to be excellent. One of the binding posts broke (dropped the speaker), sent a quick email, didn't expect a reply, I was sent a replacement free of charge. Amazing service. This was years ago.

Q Acoustics are poor. They have plenty of customers. I messaged to ask if they sell spare port bungs.. Not a single reply to any messages.

Rel and BK offer great aftersales. BK (Tom) is excellent with presales as well.

Arcam is good but repairs are expensive.

I find its the dealer you are experiencing, not just brands. any good dealer should help or give advice, when s product hoes wrong. I have found all my local small family business independent dealers to be very helpful.
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That is useful feedback and encouraging to hear about your view on REL as that is who my subwoofer is from. The retailer was pretty good with the speaker on its way back to B&W via DPD within 48 hours and giving me updates when asked. It is the (lack of) effort that B&W seem to making thereafter that has been lesser than stellar.

I need to consider options to B&W if the repair turns out to be a dead end and I have fall back on the CRA2015.


You should talk to your dealer. They have more contact with the manufacturer and can often come up with the goods. I've been pretty lucky with kit to be honest and the last dealing was with Marantz and Sound United and I though their service was brilliant.


It doesn't really help you but I've had nothing less than excellent service every time I've dealt with B&W.

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