Who here could flash a firmware chip for me ?


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Sep 22, 2002
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I need to flash some firmware for my DAT drive (to make it audio-capable :) )

I need this type:

28Kx16 Flash 44plcc 150ns 5vcc

Which means one of these chips (or a compatible):

AMD AM27C2048-150JC
ATMEL AT29C2048-15JC

Or where might I start to do this myself ?

Thanks for any help/advice,
Normally to flash a firmware you can do it via the PC. For example to reprogram a DVD-ROM drive to make it multiregion you'd download the image file for what goes in the flash together with a PC program that will do the programming.
What drive and what firmware are you trying to use?
You could get on the phone to RS components technical help:

They did have a programing service which was free if you were buying a new chip from them and a charge if you were supplying the blank chip. I only ever had occasion to copy from one chip to another, I dont know how it would work if you were supplying the firmware to them on a disk. I have no experience with DAT drives so I am just talking about chip programing in general. Is it not possible to flash it in the drive like Potfish says?

In my case, the ROM is not reprogrammable so I'll have to change it. It's an Archive Python 2GB drive which I've always planned to audio-enable with the right firmware. I've got the firmware and the right DAT drive but that's as far as it went :)

Thanks for the link Muf but the session ID timed out before I got here...will have a look later.


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