Who has oldest plasma on the forums?


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I know this thread pops up now and again but sometimes it seems like people are only keeping their TVs for a year or two before dumping them (or moving them to the bedroom) for the new shinier model. Or perhaps the newer plasmas aren't very long-lasting..
Who has the forums oldest plasma and would you consider replacing it this year? I know I probably don't have the oldest but my Hitachi 42PMA400E dates from October 2003, so in plasma years I think it's middle-aged.


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I am one of those that never keeps hold of anything for very long as you described.

I brought my lg pk590 in june last year and im now planning on changing it already. Its my own fault though cause last year i wanted the 60 inch version but couldnt afford it at the time so settled on the 50, thats been eatin away at me all this time and i dont hink i can fight it anymore:devil:

My tv before that was a cheap lcd from argos to see me through until i could afford a decent one, that lasted me a year until i got my lg then it was handed down to my parents who at the time were renting a 32" lcd from granada (or box clever or whatever their called these days) so they were properly pleased to be saving nearly £60 a month in rentals.

The tv i had the longest though would be the 25" 4:3 screen i had up until it died in 2009, it must have been nearly 10 years old so it had a good run before bein put out to pasture.


Hmm, well, my main TV was bought almost 2 years ago but my first plasma was, as you said, moved into the bedroom - it's a 42" LG bought around 2004, I think (I'd have to check at home!). I'd quite like to get rid of it and replace it with a slightly smaller screen that I could mount on the wall instead, which would free up a bit of space at the end of my bed, but the use that it gets doesn't really justify the expense (plus I'd have to work out what to do what the old TV).

I'd generally like to think that something like a TV should have a 10-year lifetime, but these days it's probably nearer 5 years.


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I'd like to get a TV from October this year onwards after my TVs 8th birthday. "I'd like to.." being the operative words. I suppose a lot of guys have trouble with their wives in that department yes? She has no problem with me replacing a 2003 car with a 2010 car, but try and replace a 2003 TV with another TV which costs 1/20th the price of the car..then there is war! What is it with certain ladies and televisions? :confused:
I have noticed a few people on the forum saying they hope their 2010 TV breaks so they can justify the purchase of the brand spanking new 2011 model. Not sure if that line of thought is healthy!


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The throw away society ....
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