Who gives blood?


I have done once before a couple of years ago and would do it again.

If I see a blood drive happening and it gets me out of work for half an hour I'll be there.


I'd like to, but have no idea how to go about doing it.

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In the UK people don't get paid. It is a civic duty to give blood really.

I used to give blood, but now I'm on medication I'm not allowed to. (I'm diabetic).

Shame really. I'd have thought that the extra sugar content in my blood would be a bit of a tonic for anyone who received it. :cool:

Solomon Grundy

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Well reminded...I have an appointment to give blood tomorrow that I had forgotten about! Thanks.


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The blood donation itself is taken from the arm, but the pinprick haemoglobin test they do to check your blood's worth taking is done on the side of a finger.

I usually give, though I'm currently on a one year suspension, as I'm about to be a bone marrow donor (see separate thread).

I am always so disheartened by the number of people who don't give blood. I am well aware that there are many who can't, for one reason or another, but the vast majority just can't be bothered, and when you think that you lose nothing for doing it, but can potentially save a life, that's just a plain unwillingness to give up half an hour every four months.


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I used to goive blood, then started giving platelets which means a needle in both arms whilst blood is removed from one, platelets are taken out, remaining blood put back in the other arm; you get double points for it too.


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I'm a regular, have been since I was 18. Also registered for Bone Marrow but haven't had to donate yet.


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I used to (30+ donations) until they introduced the rules about not having had a blood transfusion since 1980 - which rules me out :(


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I never have, my mum always used to.... i dont know if they'll take mine, both sides of my family are diabetic.... im also very scared of needles.....

wot are the rules on giving, i feel i should really.... but the needles. I am thinking about going abroad to do humanitarian work, would that make me equal?


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I donate whenever i can - They normally hound me if i miss a session because I'm O-Neg which is is great demand because it can be used by anyone in an emergency IIRC


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i do, though bout 5 years ago stopped as the last 2 bloods both resulted in a letter from the Welsh Blood Servce saying they found abnormalities and could not use it and see your doctor.

I was like *** im screwed. Doc tests showed nothing, after much asking it turns out to be something to do with the test procedures which have now changed and im safe to give blood again :)

Look forward to tea and biccies at the end oh and an hour off work :clap:

Wild Weasel

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I've given blood about 10 times, although I haven't done so recently I must admit.

I'm AB+ which is fairly rare (about 3% of the population). It's probably the least useful to the NHS though, as I can only give blood to someone else with the same blood group.

On the other hand, AB is called the “universal recipient” because I could take a transfusion from any of the other blood groups (provided the rhesus type +/- matches). It's best to match the blood group exactly though.

If anyone is interested in giving blood, you can find further information, including locations of mobile blood donor session on the website for the National Blood Service:


Thanks. :thumbsup:


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I went once, but was refused to to medication (which I still take). :thumbsdow

I did get a Pelican badge though!! :thumbsup:


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My dad has over 50 times and I would really like to, how long must you wait after a tattoo session? 1 year?

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