Who else has a Medusa headset...?


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...and can you tell me if the rear channels on yours are really tinny and lacking in bass? Or is mine a dud? Or is my old Audigy 1 soundcard not coming up with the goods?

It may be partly the source material - I don't have much that produces surround sound apart from Deus Ex, and that may be designed for a Dolby ProLogic setup, but the effect on that is rather weird: you hear a security robot stamping as it walks up to you (THUD-whine-THUD-whine-THUD-whine) then you hear it behind you, but with all the bass suddenly gone (click-whine-click-whine-click-whine).

The sound-card test sequence ("left front", "right front", "centre", etc.) also sounds very thin in the back channels.

I suppose I should try plugging it into the output from my Bryston SP1.7 to test it properly, I just can't face the number of wires involved. :rolleyes:


I am thinking of getting the Medusa 5.1 headphones for Xmas but I can't see anywhere that states the length of the cable, could you help please ??

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extremelydodgy said:
The rear speakers are supposed to sound more 'distant'. Have you got bass properly redirected on the soundcard?
Erm... I think so. I'll check. There is certainly a very striking difference between the "front" and "rear" channels - if it were a bass redirection problem, you'd expect it to be more universal.
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