Who do i complain too at yahoo.co.uk ??


I have a problem with yahoo.co.uk.
My emails are beign deleted every few hours or so.
It started this morning when 1500 of my emails got deleted. I then got another 5 today, and they ahve been deleted. I then sent myself 2 test messages and low and behold, they got deleted somehow.

I have tried to look on their site and cant find an email address i write an email too to ask whats going on.

Anyone know of one.


Kazuya Mishima

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was the only thing I could find; I have a BT Yahoo mail account, navigate to that page, it is a form which you can send to them to describe your problem. Couldn't find an actual email address to send to though. There are also phone numbers on the site too.

** Due to my ignorance I don't know if Yahoo and BT Yahoo are now the same thing - so this advice may not be relevant to yourself! sorry if this is the case.


Ta for that, but not sure its the same as what i want.
I got a Yahoo email address directly from yahoo.co.uk.


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It could be that a machine somewhere (home/work) with your POP3 account settings is downloading the mail from the server?


Thats what i thought, but they have been deleted within the time i have opened up Outlook, and alos Outlook leaves the messages on the server, as they have been for years.

Oh and for the record all my emails have been deleted AGAIN. !!!!

I got a response back from Yahoo, but they tell me if i have moved them to a folder or are they on a different page !! WHAT ALL 1500 !!!!


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Sure someone else isn't logging in and deleting them for you?


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