Who builds boxes to order?


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Im looking for a sub box that will be built, can be just straight MDF with no finish as I would like to have the pleasure of finishing it myself and to keep the cost down, it will be for a 12 inch sub and for home theater use, so low tuning. The box will be directly at my feet so there must be no port noise whatsoever which I suffer from now. I would like for it to be ported for the low rumbling and chair shaking bass. Would like for it to be very loud and would be installed in a 350ft^3 room, so it should be able to pressurise the whole room? The port or driver can't be downward firing as even a 10" at 150w makes the neighbors house shake as im on the second floor, pricing must be quite low as I have about £400 for the whole system including the sub and amp so about £100 for the box. Please dm me if you can provide this with delivery to Manchester England


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gordy makes great boxes.
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