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White spots have randomly appeared on TV stand, Onkyo and Xbox 360


Established Member
These white marks have randomly appeared and I have no idea why, they've also gone got as the week has gone on.

You can wipe it off the glass TV stand just about, but I think the 360 is marked permanently.

Any idea what it is please? :(



Prominent Member
Looks like someone has used an aerosol spray in the room - air freshener, insecticide, etc. ??


Established Member
Thanks, but we haven't sprayed anything other than polish :( The same one we've used for many years without problems. My first thought was that it was polish, but it won't come off the Xbox at all, it's like the actual plastic is marked.


Established Member
Thanks, but again nope :( We've only drank tea/water in there, and haven't spilt any.
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Deleted member 27989

Radioactive spider poo? Or perhaps someone got a bit excited ;)

Failing that, my guess is a surprise repainted ceiling ...


Established Member
Radioactive spider poo! :D

Nope, no kids (two cats but I've never seen them on the TV stand) and no painting/decorating going on :( It's very confusing. I literally have no idea what it could be.

Veni Vidi Vici

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@blizeH is it candle wax? I've had one of those little tea lights explode before and the wax went everywhere, hard to get off too if left on long enough.
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Cat spray is not white from experience of owning a tomcat in the past. It's vile and browny from the variety of cat we had (moggy).

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