White smearing (that contrast/brightness doesnt fix)



Hi all, in need some some tips and possible fixes if possible to stop a white smearing effect i am getting on my Goodmans W280NS TV. Any whites on the screen get an annoying smear leading off to the right of the screen and brightness and contrast doesnt fix it unless i turn it right down which then is far too dark :(

Anyone else have this problem before? I would just like to know if it's fixable from the service menu or something.

Thanks all.

Paul G

Sounds like something you might just have to learn to live with. Goodmans sets are not renowned for having fantastic picture quality. (Low cost tubes).
Picture geometry is usually ok though.

Hope you get it sorted.


Ahwell, thanks anyways :(

Just had the tv repaird for first time so if i'm lucky i can have an excuse to change it later on if it goes tits up again :)


Standard Member
I have the same problem with my Toshiba. I had an engineer out from Comet and he said it's a problem that a lot of TV's get. I just have to live with it, although it is quite bad. I have seen a Sony TV do it, but only faintly, whereas mine is quite noticeable.

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