White line on side of 4:3 image



I've just bought a new widescreen tv, a Panasonic TX32DK1. I'm happy with it generally but on a 4:3 picture the very left edge of the picture has a white line running down it.

Is this something that could be fixed in the service menu or is it a fault? or is it a feature of widescreen sets?



Squirrel God

Sometimes you get this when the image is not centered correctly, i.e. in your case, it may have been pushed too far to the left, resulting in some distortion on the left hand edge. If this is the case, it's easily corrected in the service menu. (If the centering function in the service menu controls both 4:3 and widescreen images, then chances are that it's not noticeable in widescreen because of the overscan).

Someone else will have to enlighten you as to how to get into the SM though (or you could search, I'm search the info will be on a few threads in the forum) as I'm unfamiliar with Panasonic SMs.

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