White dots ( Is this interference ?)


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Hi guys,

I've had my tosh 42wh36 for some time now, and its been fine. Apart from the last week ive noticed these little flickers that resemble little white dots flicking up up the tv. They last for about a blink. They come and go every so often.

I was thinking that this was intereference of some kind, but it seems to do it on all inputs. SO i'm guessing it has smth to do with the tv itself ?

My 1st thought though was because i've recently upgraded my dvd and also have a new meaty surround sound system. But ive eliminated these from the problem. I can't think what it can be.

Was thinking of buying one of them mains filter extention sockets to see if it was mains interference, but it wasnt happening before, so I think the mains are ok.

Does anyone have any thought as to y its doing this.

thanks in advance


Chris Muriel

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Next step should be to see whether it's still there with all inputs and outputs (except the mains lead) disconnected - including the aerial and any external speakers, of course.
If it's still there, then it's either coming through the mains, generated within the TV or being pciked up by the TV from wirless radiation.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.

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