White corners on black image with Sony 32LS35


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I've had my Sony 32LS35 for a few weeks and have just noticed, when watching a film with all the lights off, that when there's a totally black background (eg during opening / end titles), the top of the screen shows lighter, white-ish patches in the corner. They don't take up more than an inch or two either side, but are extremely noticeable. You can't notice it with the lights on but it does seem an odd fault! Does anyone else have this problem?


I also have this set in a 28" and have noticed a similar effect,ready for a silly explanation!
To the best of my knowledge it appears that the inside corners of the tv frame (which are silver like the fascia) are reflecting the light coming from the screen itself back onto the screen and causing the effect you describe.
I have to admit to not having seen the effect with the widescreen bars but certainly with a 1.85:1 anamorphic picture it shows itself up as light patches in all the corners not just the top.
Not sure if that is the case or what but I am going to try masking off the corners with some tape at some piont to see what happens.

Yeah, I've got the same problem with my Panasonic 28PL10 but it's only noticable in the top right hand corner. Only see it during the day at a specific angle though. Come lights out time when watching a DVD, it disappears. Bl**dy annoying at times though.

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