White Collar - Season 3 (US)


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Returns Tuesday 7th June

Hilarie Burton as 'Sara Ellis' will be a season 3 regular.

Season 2 finished with Neal in an
aladdin's cave of treasures

YouTube - "White Collar" Season 3 Promo

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A pivotal season me thinks:)


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Episode 1: On Guard - 8.5/10

Good return, a quick reveal on whole stole the nazi art. Loved the start and the writers slowly reveal the story.


Eliza Dushku upcoming in an episode

Eyes on the merchandise Neal?



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Good to see it back!

June daughter of the house that they stay in is lovely along with Hilarie Burton,
Gloria Votsis,Alexandra Daddario and Sara Hoots that had small roles in it. !!! :thumbsup:

A shame that Sky is not going to show them!
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Episode 2 - Where There’s A Will - 8/10

Good episode, Mozzie blaming Satchmo the dog when things did not work out.


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not sure about the brand new title sequence/tune, and seems very odd and unfair to still leave Sharif Atkins off the main cast and the title sequence, especially when Hilarie Burton has been parachuted right in


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Episode 4: Dentist of Detroit
Episode 5: Veiled Threat
Episode 6: Scott Free
Episode 7: Taking Account
Episode 8: As You Were
Episode 9: On the Fence

Still enjoyable, with the current episode an old enemy returned and we got husky Eliza Dushku as fencer Raquel LaRoque.


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Episode 10: Countdown

Excellent episode as Peter again closes in on Neal, and a great cliff-hanger!

Lets no forget the Neal swan dive down to street level :cool:


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any sign of ever seeing this again in the UK?

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