Whirring Arcam 9 cdp



As title implies my Arcam 9 CDP whirrs. Obviously a transport problem. I've found that if you tap the top of the unit it stops. Will a bit of 3in1 do the trick or is this a serious problem. Could i fix this myself. I don't think it affects the sound of the system but I suppose it does at some level although I don't hear anything untoward. Maybe I should just ignore the whirr between tracks. Hmmm!

Also my Rega planar 2 is suffering more woes with the Motor seeming to go at slow rpm. Is the motor gone (I suspect);can it be fixed;how much to replace.


A similar thing has happened to my Arcam Alpha 7 player.

It whirrs on loading and unloading a disc and changing tracks/fastforwarding. Even more annoyingly, it sometimes doesn't read a disc on the first couple of times of asking: when that ugly green zero comes up im not a happy bunny!

This happened after (carefully!) moving house, so a gentle knock i reckon was the cause. The Arcam's aren't exactly sturdy or deftly built..

Maybe opening it up and tightening a few screws could help?

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