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I just bought a grade A 9150t pvr from the humax website.

There is a constant high pitched whining noise when it is on - live tv, playing or recording tv.

It bugs me a lot and I've only had it plugged in an hour or so! I wanted to keep it my bedroom too.

I want to return it

I don't know whether to ask for a refund though or for another box.

Most reviews say it is a quiet machine but some people are bugged by noises from electronic devices more than others. I'm someone who it drives bananas - I have a very quiet pc.

I think I would mind less if it wasn't so high pitched. Maybe this why it's a Grade A product - maybe someone else returned it for the same reason.

Do you think this noise is fairly standard? I don't have another pvr so can't compare. Are there any guaranteed silent pvrs out there?


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I have just bought a brand new humax pvr 9150t.
It is very quiet, quieter then my video recorder, no whining noise whatsoever.
I would send it back if I were you.


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I've had a 9150t in my main bedroom for a good 6 months now. I only notice it being noisy for about 30 seconds at 04:00 every morning, assuming I'm actually awake, when it wakes-up presumably to get an EPG update. When it's operating normally it's whisper quiet and if it's recording stuff in the early hours it certainly doesn't disturb my sleep.


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