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Jun 8, 2011
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There seems to be a low whining noise noise coming from the back of my computer, i think i have figured it is coming from the optical out, is this possible, if so how do i disable it as i have looked in the bios but cant seem to find it in there, and the noise is doing my head in, thought it might be my PSU but it did it on my old one and i've just got a new one and the same is happening, the motherboard i have is a Asus P8Z68-V.

P.S. I have managed to disable the optical out by disabling all drivers for it and still get the noise, looks as if it might point to the PSU again even though this is a new one and it did it on my old one too, for anyone not knowing the noise i am on about here is a video of it, my noise isn't as loud though.

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Does the pitch of the whine change when the computer is under load? (games, video rendering etc).

It sounds like the PSU or GPU (if you have one).

The sound in the video could be the result of not using v-sync, san-andreas is not a demanding game by today's hardware and could be rendering 250fps + resulting in coil whine.
Yes it gets worse when playing games, but you can still hear it in windows enough to annoy you, i was getting the same whining noise on another PSU i had, so it seems it might not be the new PSU i've got, but saying that when i had the whining noise before i didn't have a dedicated GPU and was still getting the noise, so i doubt it is the GPU card.
could be the Psu or Gpu, best thing is to take the Psu out and away from the main pc and and run a game and listen as if you leave it in sometimes it sounds like it is coming from the Mb, but you can get Cap wine there as well, Doing it that way saves allot of guess work.
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