Which would you go for between Samsung LE37A656 & Panasonic Viera TX-37LZD800?


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Hi, I have just joined the forums and would like to firstly take this opportunity to say hello.

I am moving house in the next few weeks and am looking to buy a 37" LCD Full HD TV for my new house (the biggest I can fit in the gap I have in my new lounge!). I have looked around at what is out there at the moment and two sets really seem to stand out, one is the Samsung LE37A656 and the other is the Panasonic Viera TX-37LZD800.

I just can't decide which one would be the better buy. They both roughly have the same spec, cost the same, so don't know what to do!

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or if anyone knows of a better 37" LCD then the two I've mentioned?

I have included links to both these TVs



Thanks in advance



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I am actually looking as these two very sets myself.

I have had a look at the Samsung in John Lewis. Picture quality looked very good, but from a looks point of view I'm not fully convinced about this new red tinged frame. I know they're trying to do something different to stand out from the many sets on the market, but I'm not sure.

Waiting to see the Panasonic in the flesh as no one seems to have any stock as yet. I've only found one online review so far and that rated it fairly highly.

I think personally I'll what till What Hi-Fi or someone similar publishes a review of the Panny before I go any further.


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Hi there
I was in my local panny shop the other day and they had an 800 on display it was running on its own inbuilt tuner, all i can say was i was stunned by how good the sd picture was even the wife commented.Next to it was one of last years models lzd 70 or 700 cant remember,the blacks were blacker which in turn made the colours richer on the 800.i was so impressed that I,m arranging to take my ps3 down with some blueray movies,sd dvd,s and some games to audition it further.Everything being ok I will be buying one of these.Hope this helps a bit mate.


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Sounds promising Olly1, how would you rate the set on it's looks? On the images I've seen it looks like there is a sheet of glass running the entire width of the panel, is that correct?


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The look of the set looked ok to me, your right tho it has a glossy screen instead of a matt one which might introduce more reflections,this is not a problem for me and I quite like the fact it looks a bit different from the rest.:)


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What kind of reflection are we talking about here - I mean is it going to be a real issue. Do any other manufactures use these screens?


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I've just noticed in the back of What Hi Fi that they have reviewed the 40" of the Samsung that I mentioned and they gave it 5 out of 5 saying "This complete LCD TV stands out from the flatscreen herd".
There can't be any real difference between the 40" and the 37"?


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Am currently looking at these two sets as well!! Has anybody seen the Panasonic TV in Birmingham, as I can't find anywhere that has one in stock? Phoned Panasonic, who told me to try Comet, Currys or Argos! I'd kind of thought of them first.

The Samsung looks nice, but am not wild about the red frame either, I much prefer the look of the Panny. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks


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I concur on the looks of the Samsung, not my cup of tea.
The Panasonic '800 LCD is beautiful from an aesthetics point of view. Absolutely stunning design IMO.

From my (admittedly limited) reading of these forums, the Samsungs seem to have a dodgy purple tint when viewing them at an angle.

Both have dedicated topics in this part of the forum, check them out.


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i was in currys today and they had the new samsung 656 on display. i wasnt crazy about the red tints either but in the flesh it looks amazing. the red is no where near as dominant as it looks on tv. haven't seen the panny tho


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Thanks for the link:) Cor blimey though, that's one hell of a thread! A link to a retailer answered my question and it does.

Has the "switching off" problem manifested it self on UK models?


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I'm really not impressed with SD on the latest Pannies. However, I actually managed to get a very god picture on the 37A656 very easily (more easily than on the 40", though that could've been fluke).

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