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    OK, so for reasons explained in another post, I’m about to hedge my bets :rolleyes: and buy a relatively inexpensive projector and plasma, rather than blow the entire budget on the pj. So how do I hook these animals up?

    Video Sources
    Pioneer DV-737 (video outputs = 2xscart, 2xcomposite, 2xSvideo, 1x3component)
    Sky Digibox (scart); Panasonic VCR (scart); Playstation (once a year - can'r remember the connections. RF?)

    Bit in the Middle
    Yamaha AX1 AV Amplifier (lots of ins & out everywhere)

    Video Displays (the prospective purchases)
    Panasonic TH-42PWD6 (video inputs = probably the 6Y component/composite board – need advice)
    Hitachi PJ-TX100 (video inputs = 1xcomposite, 1xSvideo, 1x3component, 1xDVI-D (HDCP))

    I won’t inflict the detail of the current set-up on you but it involves a number of Scart to 3 Phono interconnects in and out of the amp and composite quality video to both the existing TV and ageing 3M pj. I reckon that wouldn’t be the ideal set-up for the new bits of display kit :laugh:. I admit I don’t understand what I’m talking about here, so be gentle with me …

    I have one progressive-able 3xcomponent output on the DVD. I would have liked to take that into the amp and back out on both Monitor 1 (for pj) and Monitor 2 (for plasma), but I seem to remember reading that amps cannot pass progressive signals so I’m guessing I send the DVD output direct to the 3xcomponent inputs on the pj (about 10 metres). OK so far?

    Now that I’ve used the 3xcomponent out of the DVD, how do I feed a quality video signal to the plasma? :confused: I’m guessing I take an RGB-Scart output from the DVD into the amp (using the aforementioned Scart to 3 Phono lead). Is this into a 3xcomponent input on the amp or the L/R/composite input? Seems like it should be the component but I get confused between RGB-Scart and component signals. I believe they are 3 channel and 5 channel respectively but do they “talk” to each other?

    Assuming that the RGB-Scart can go to the 3xcomponent, then I presumably do the same with the satellite Scart, and feed the resulting switchable signal from the amp (Monitor 2 component output) to the component input on the plasma’s 6Y video board. If, as I fear, the RGB-Scart cannot go to the 3xcomponent, then do I (i) take the 3xcomponent from DVD into amp and out to both monitors, losing DVD’s progressive scan; (ii) get the 6TB RGB-Scart video board on the plasma and go direct from DVD to plasma; or (iii) use composite for all sources on the plasma (which can’t be right, can it? :suicide: )

    For most of the above, I guess I also run composite cables from the sources to the amp and back out to the display devices to allow for lower quality video sources (like the VCR) and for initial access to set-up menus on the displays. Am I anywhere near understanding this lot, or are you all on the floor laughing? :rotfl:

    Any help greatly appreciated! :lease:
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    Me again,

    Just found the following site which has some downloadable pdf's which seem to answer some of my questions.

    JS Website

    The advice (from an RGB2YUV manufacturer, admittedly) is to get an RGB2YUV converter. Is this what everyone does? Was I only one on the planet who didn't know that an hour ago? :blush:

    I'd still appreciate some input on the "progressive signal through an amp" question. Assuming I don't worry about that, then the set-up looks like:

    * DVD YUV to Amp's YUV input
    * Sat RGB to RGB2YUV converter to Amp's YUV input
    * Amp's YUV Monitor 1 output to pj's YUV input
    * Amp's YUV Monitor 2 output to plasma's YUV video board
    * VCR SCART to Amp's L/R/Composite input
    * Composites from DVD & Sat to Amp to pj & plasma

    I lose the DVD prog scan, but this setup would work, wouldn't it? :)

    Am I missing something? Like what to use the RGB input on the projector for?

    Any comments?

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