Which Windows 7? (upgrading from XP Home OEM)


Hi, I'm looking to buy Windows 7 Home Premium (x64), however I'm unsure which one to buy (of Retail or Upgrade).

I'm in the process of re-building a PC - which had XP Home OEM installed. This PC's motherboard died, forcing me to buy a new board, CPU and RAM as a result.

I was considering Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, but am unsure how it works. Would I need to install XP Home OEM on to the PC first, then pop in 7 and install that afterwards? Do I just need the XP Home OEM serial no.? Considering I made so many component changes (mobo, ram, cpu), I'm unsure if OEM Home would even validate on this "new" machine now.


Yes, It's XP Home 32bit. The guide has a section on installing 64bit to a machine running Home 32bit, so I assume it's possible?

XP Home is installed on an old drive, which I don't wish to install to Windows 7 on. I can't access this machine, as it's dead atm and the new parts haven't arrived yet. Once they do, do I set the old drive, with XP Home, as master and proceed with the Windows 7 installation from there? I'm in quite a unique predicament and the guide doesn't quite cover it :S


As your copy of XP is an OEM license when your old motherboard died the license died with it. An OEM license is tied to the first motherboard you install it on and can never offically be moved to another motherboard.
Therefore you need to buy the full retail copy of Win7 as you don't have an old OS to upgrade from.

You can't do an inplace upgrade from a 32bit version to a 64bit version of Windows. The install program would (if you had one) detect the old 32bit OS and accept that as an upgrade path, but it would then format the HDD and do a clean install from scratch. Therefore all old programs and data would be lost and you would just have a clean install of Win7 64bit.



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MarkE19 is correct on both counts.

Seeing as it was the MB that failed to upgrade the machine the minimum you would need would be :-
Motherboard,CPU,RAM & full copy of Windows 7 32bit.(Dont know if graphics card is 64bit compatible)

My suggestion would be to sell / dispose of the remains of the XP machine and purchase a new system unit which will come with a Windows 7 licence.


Yeah, ended up buying windows 7 32/64bit retail. 64Bit works perfectly with the system; all is well. I was expecting it to completely format the drive before it installs, but it doesn't, and I kept all my files. Overall, the installation was a breeze and - aside from a few quirks - I'm really enjoying Windows 7.

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