Which way should LED's be Facing?


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I will be fitting a floating ceiling at the weekend, and I am unsure which is the best way to fit the LED lights. Should they be fitted to the support frame pointing to the sides of the room or should they be on the ceiling panel facing the original ceiling and bouncing the light?

Any thoughts guys?


Much depends on the amount of 'ceiling-fill' you are after.

If the spacing - D - between the top of the floating ceiling and the original ceiling is small ~ < 5cm then you'll get more 'ceiling-fill' if you mount the strips on the frame pointing sideways, if > 10cm then mounting on the floating ceiling pointing upwards should be sufficient.

The LED strip beam angle is 120 degrees which means that the lateral light from the strip will be 1.7 x D either side of the strip. So, if the strip is pointing upwards, for a 5cm ceiling spacing the strip will produce light 8.5cm wide either side of the strip, beyond this the light will fade gradually.


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Thanks for the reply. Would you believe it, the gap is 4.5cm so it looks like it will be on the frame pointing out wards.



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Hi Matt, yeah I went for the outward facing option and it works really well for me. They are only intended for mood lighting, so it looks good.



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Yeah, I looked at your pics earlier. Very nice. I bet you can create many different mood lighting combos.
I've been having problems uploading pics too. I've had to resort to using the AVForums iPad app to get pics uploaded.

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