Which virgin box has co ax out port?


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Hi all

I used to have virgin tv a few years ago and it had a co ax port - which basically let me watch tv in another room as I had the cable already running under the floor boards

Magic eye didn’t work as with sky so I just used the virgin remote app and if did the job

However I cancelled and moved to sky digital (not Q) and did same setup

Now I’m looking to go back to virgin due to price

However they said it’s a “360 box” or a v6 box

On v6 I can’t see co ax out - only co ax IN which TBH I’m not sure what it even means???

But I’m assuming I won’t be able to watch in other room ??

If anyone can pls confirm

Alternatively if there is another way- I don’t want their extra box as it’s not wireless like sky Q mini boxes


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Maybe the term isn’t rf out

5 years ago there was definitely a virgin box which had a co ax port which I used to feed another tv


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The term is modulated RF out from a coax connector but similar to Sky boxes they no longer have it.


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No Virgin Media STB includes an analogue TV output. All their boxes only now come with a digital HDMI output. The V6 does apparently have a port that could potentially be used to output analogue video, but Virgin don't use this and it isn't enabled on their boxes. The inactive port is a round din type connector that would have conveyed analogue signals the same as you'd previouslu gotten via SCART. AS said, yjos pprt is not actively engaged on the V6 boxes though and neither does the newer STB include such an output either.

The only means by which to output video from one of these boxes is via digital HDMI. If wanting to convey the signal via analogue cabling then you'd first have to convert the digital output to a format conducive with conveyance over the analogue cabling in question.

Another option would be to replave the analogue cabling with cabling that can convey the digital output from one of Virgin's STBs. This option is dependant upon the destination device's ability to handle the type of signal being conveyed though. You can convey HDMI over quite long cable runs if you use HDBaseT extenders. This allows HDMI signals to be conveyed along cat5 or cat6 cabling. The TV in the other room would need an HDMI input though and it should preferably be able to handle the resolution you commonly output in the main room to your main TV. Note that you'd also need an HDMI splitter to facilitate this type of setup.
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